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circulation health

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You know that good circulation is, well, good, but do you know exactly why? You’ve probably heard your yoga instructors and other wellness professionals talk about improving your circulation. You tried their tips. But you weren’t really sure what the big deal was, or why proper circulation doesn’t just happen on its own. Your circulatory system is pretty busy. It contains blood, blood vessels, and the heart, and is responsible for getting sufficient oxygen to the tissue in your body, as well as moving hormones, and eliminating waste. It’s critical to helping your lungs, muscles, and heart work efficiently, as well as your immune system since it helps get white blood cells where they need to go.

There are many possible causes of poor circulation, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and blood clots. And though it is important to treat the underlying issues when they exist, it’s also necessary to improve circulation, even while working with doctors on other treatments for your condition. Some signs of poor circulation include numbness, tingling, muscle pain, or a throbbing sensation. Let’s look at some simple ways you can improve your circulation.

circulation health

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Simply stand up more

Did you know that over 27percent of Americans remain seated for eight hours a day, while an alarming 44 percent are entirely inactive? That can have many negative consequences, including poor circulation. When you sit down, you create natural creases and folds throughout your circulatory system that make it difficult for blood to get to your extremities. It may be time to consider a standing desk if your work requires you to be at your laptop all day.

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