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better digestion tips

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Poor digestion is never pleasant. You feel like you have this embarrassing secret you’re carrying around. You’re smiling and going on about your daily tasks, pretending everything is fine, but you know you have this issue you need to work out. You have gas you need to release. You’re bloated, and covering it with baggy clothing. You need to run to the bathroom every hour. You don’t quite feel that you can enjoy your life when you have poor digestion. I know the feeling. I often live just like that. My mind is only halfway in whatever I’m doing, and the rest is on whatever digestive discomfort I’m dealing with that day. Poor digestion has robbed me of a lot of great moments. I remember I was once late to a flight because of it, and I had to pay $150 to catch the next one! What was I supposed to say? “Sorry I had to pull over to use the bathroom three times on the way to the airport?” I don’t think they give you a pass for that.


There are a lot of pharmaceuticals and aggressive drugs or products that can seemingly help with your digestion. The problem is that they tend to rely on unnatural components, and can mess up your body’s ability to regulate its own digestion. You don’t want too much help from chemicals or pharmaceuticals, because then your body can forget how to do things on its own. Then you get deeper into the cycle of poor digestion. Ideally, you want to fix things in a natural, sustainable way. You want the steps you take to better digestion to be ones that you can repeat regularly, without concern of side effects, right? Of course. That’s why it’s important to know these holistic steps to better digestion.

better digestion tips

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Start that food diary

You know you’ve been meaning to do it forever, but it always seems inconvenient. Is it more inconvenient than all of your digestive issues? Probably not. A food diary is one of the simplest ways to truly track what foods and activities tend to correlate with your symptoms. You will not detect this pattern, just based on memory alone.

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