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Something tells me that your tub could use a little love. I said tub—get your mind out of the gutter. If you have a bathtub/shower hybrid, then you likely just stand in your tub for rapid rinse-offs. But don’t take that bathtub for granted. It’s worth giving it a scrub down, polishing it, and using it as it was intended. I know we all get incredibly busy, and taking a bath feels like the least time-efficient way to get clean. But baths aren’t just about getting clean. There are a lot of therapeutic benefits that come with sitting in the bath. And, perhaps the very fact that they take longer is a part of their charm: don’t we all rush around too much today? There are certainly more costly, and less healthy ways to unwind than the tub, so give it a chance. Here are the reasons you should take more baths. Amearican Woman in Bathtub Sleeping.

You’re removed from obligations

You won’t pass by a stack of bills that sends you into an hour-long customer service call. You can’t even answer your phone because you’d risk dropping it in the water. Your laptop has no place in a tub. A bath removes you from obligations for a little while. of a young businesswoman blowing her nose with a tissue at work

They open up your sinuses

The steam from the tub does wonders for your sinuses. If you’re struggling with allergy-related congestion or suffering from a cold, a bath could help you finally breathe easily. woman lying in a bathtub with flower petals

Heat relaxes your muscles

The heat from the bath is nice and relaxing for your muscles. If you cannot afford a massage, a tub can help. Think about it: masseuses rely on warmth, either from warming oil or hot stones, to relax your muscles. tub

The sound of water is relaxing

Just the sound of water is deeply relaxing. It’s the reason therapists have small fountains in their offices and yoga instructors play the sounds of rain in class. relaxing in the bath tub

People give you space

When you’re in the bathtub, your family, partner, or roommates give you space. People don’t generally go into the bathroom when they know you’re naked in the tub. So if you need an excuse to get some alone time, get in the tub. young women in the morning taking a bath

They’re womb-like

The tub is womb-like and reminds you of the place you spent the first nine months of your life inside your mama. It’s warm, damp, round, and totally envelops you. It’s the more affordable version of a sensory deprivation tank. Relaxing baths using bath bomb

You can add things

Things like bath bombs, aromatherapy oils, exfoliating oatmeal and a whole other list of items detailed here. in the bathroom relaxing in the tub

They feel luxurious

Baths just feel luxurious. You typically only take them when you’re on vacation, and find a Jacuzzi tub or hot tub in your hotel. But it’s important to bring a little element of vacation to every day life. You deserve it, right? taking relaxing bath

Floating feels nice

Floating feels so relaxing. When you are physically floating, you feel like you are also emotionally floating away from your troubles. When we’re always struggling and supporting others, it’s so nice to just have the water support our bodies. American woman relaxing in bubble bath

Being horizontal is good for you

Lying horizontally is very therapeutic. It’s the reason so many yoga poses start with us lying on our backs. It gets our blood moving in new ways, and gives us a different physical perspective that is a nice change from our usual position. young women in the bath tub

They remove old skin cells

Soaking in a tub loosens up old, dead, dry skin cells. That’s why your skin feels so silky smooth when you get out. Bathtubs can be greatly healing for those with psoriasis and eczema. of a young woman sleeping in her bed at home

They improve sleep

Did you ever notice how well you sleep after a bath? It’s because baths help with temperature fluctuations associated with melatonin production. Going from hot to the cool air of your room tells your body to start producing that relaxing hormone. sneezing

They boost immunity

Studies have found that bath time actually boosts the function of certain immune cells, which is why you should take a few more during cold and flu season. of a uncomfortable looking young woman holding her back in discomfort due to pain at home during the day

Salt baths ease arthritic pain

If you add some salt to your bath, you may find your arthritis acting up a bit less after. Salt baths can reduce some of the inflammation that makes joint pain worse. of a young woman suffering from stress headache while using a computer at her work desk

They alleviate headaches

The heat can alleviate tension and help blood vessels relax, which works wonders on tension headaches. If you’re cranky from a headache, make sure everyone gives you the bathtub to yourself for a while—it’s better for everyone.

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