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fit and frugal lifestyle

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I used to be 20 pounds overweight, and always almost broke. I understand that 20 pounds isn’t that much, and almost broke is better than actually broke. But the important thing here is not how severe either element was – the excess weight or the deficit of money – but rather the very close relationship between the two. It’s often overlooked, but when your finances get worse, your fitness often takes a hit, and visa versa. Our gut and our emotions are constantly communicating. Many people with irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive conditions can tell you that their symptoms get so much worse when they are stressed. So that’s one way in which our finances can constantly impact our stomachs. But there is so much more to it than that. We have this interesting relationship with spending and eating. We have yet another fascinating relationship when it comes to our sense of self-worth and how it ties to these two numbers: the one we see on the scale, and the one we see in our bank accounts. I remember thinking, when I was a bit overweight, “It’s just my luck that I’d gain weight at the same time I’m having money problems.” I thought it was an unlucky coincidence, but there was no coincidence about it. Here is a look at the tight relationship between being fit and frugal.

fit and frugal lifestyle

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We shop when we’re stressed

It’s all a cycle that often starts with a simple act: a little retail therapy. Often, when we are stressed, we turn to shopping to ease that stress. The excitement of new things can chase away worries for a while. Shopping also allows us to focus on something other than our stressor – we are highly focused on rummaging through those racks – that it almost has a meditative effect of taking our mind off our troubles. Though actual meditation would be healthier.

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