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Summer Walker poured her pain into the music on her latest album, Still Over It. The Atlanta songbird went through a very public break-up with producer London On Da Track, born London Holmes, and made it known through social media posts that she wasn’t a fan of the mothers of his children either. Now that her album was released on Nov. 5, we get to hear her raw, unfiltered feelings about the ups and downs of their rocky love story.

Throughout the 20-track effort, she admits that she was so crazy in love that she was making decisions against her better judgment when it came to Holmes. Whether she’s talking about the despair or the disrespect she went through, Walker’s scorn is uncensored. It’s a contrast from her debut, Over It, where despite her wins and losses in the game of love, she bounces back after love knocks her down. On Still Over It, she’s been let down and opens up about being blinded by love at her own expense.

Walker gave us a ride on her emotional rollercoaster with Still Over It. She kicks off the album with “Bitter” where she has smoke for the mothers of his children who she slams for not allowing Holmes to have stronger bonds with his three children.  One of the mothers in particular, named Eboni, had been quite the nuisance. Not only was she frequently giving her unsolicited opinion about their relationship but she also told the world Walker was pregnant before she had the chance too. On ‘Bitter” Walker called them out for being more concerned with money and not co-parenting:

Bitter baby mama

Always point her finger at a n****, whenever it’s a problem

Always put the blame on a n**** instead of tryna solve it

Always wanna gossip, her and her friend have been talkin’

But whatever they be sayin’ ain’t ’bout s***

Think a nigga supposed to pay for they outfit

Get they nails and feet done and her hair did, yeah

You ain’t s***, b****

Claim you independent but you ain’t did s***

Live in Section 8 but still can’t pay rent (Better stop playin’ with me)

Walker also directed her fury towards another woman in his life, his mother Cheryl Mack. On one of the album’s stand-out tracks, “4th Baby Mama,” she shames Mack for not only being an enabler but for being absent and then re-appearing when Holmes rose to fame. She sang:

I wanna start with yo mama, she should’ve whooped yo a**

Know you ain’t s***, but she don’t care ’cause you lit

Paying for trips cars, bags and bought the crib

But she ain’t never call you out, ’cause she like the way that she live

But that some foul s***, she wasn’t even around when, you ain’t have no money (Money)

That’s why I find it funny (Funny)

I guess that guilt hit hard, being gonе for so long

That’s why she makes excusеs for all your wrongs

Now what’s the point in keep on having kids?

If she just gone be raising them, that’s just pure laziness

Walker also reflects on the regrets of her love affair and her hindsight is 20/20. On “No Love,” which features SZA, she says if she could do it all again, Holmes would be no more than a fuckbuddy. On her track “Toxic,” she opens up about her hesitance about Holmes in the beginning. She croons about her worries of getting too close and falling in love with Holmes in fear that he won’t be the man he claims to be but even when she sees the red flags she finds herself too caught up to leave.

I hope it ain’t true what they say about you, I want this

Hesitant to post or flaunt this

Hopin’ I don’t get еmbarrassed by one of thesе hoes

Ion think you doin’ s***, but you never know

Funny how you never volunteer your phone

I wanna walk away, but what if I’m wrong?

With “Constant Bulls***,” “You Don’t Know Me,” “Throw It Away,” Broken Promises” and “Circus,” disappointment takes the wheel. Giving him loyalty, forgiveness, dealing with his baggage and being patient wasn’t a catalyst for commitment, leaving Walker trying to win a losing battle. On her song “4th Baby Mama,” Walker called Holmes out for not being as present as he should’ve been, especially while she was pregnant with their daughter, which was the final straw. On the song she sang:

Telling people, that I’m your queen, but all you mean, is just of R&B

I know you ain’t care, ’cause you always gone

How could you make me spend my whole f****** pregnancy alone?

And where was you at? ‘Cause you claim you at work

But them other n***** said they made the beats, so how that add up?

Prolly was with your baby mamas one to three

You claim that you had a ring for me, you was prolly out f******* h***

Walker kept the collaborations light, only allowing Ari Lennox, Omarion, JT, SZA and Lil’ Durk to grace the album with impressive features. Instead of spitting a few bars, Cardi B’s contribution was an encouraging voice note sent to Walker after Eboni shared Walker’s pregnancy with the world.

“Do it your own way and do it beautifully, do it special,” Cardi B said about Walker announcing her pregnancy. “If you are pregnant and everything, say it in a beautiful way in your music.”

She wraps the album with “Ciara’s Prayer,” a play on the actual prayer that Ciara said led to her meeting her husband Russell Wilson after breaking up with notorious fuckboy Future. Ciara speaks from Walker’s heart as she prays for her faith in love to be restored and her “beautifully broken” heart to be mended.

“I know you will help me put all of the right pieces together,” she recites. “I know my pain is not in vain. I know that my baby is the most precious gift you have given me in lifе, and I thank you for that, thank you. Cover and protect us, Lord. I pray the nеxt man of my life will be my husband. I pray he loves me, leads me, guides me, reassures me, I pray that he holds me, I pray that I have everything I want and need in him.”

Over her sultry, slow jams and mid-tempo melodies reminiscent of 2000’s R&B, Walker exudes a certain confidence. The emotional assault from her previous relationship has forced her to shed her naivety and now she’s determined to not ignore any red flags. On this project, she’s still over her heart being played with and is determined to stop the cycle of break-up to make-up. She’s over settling and turning a blind eye to the bullshit. She’s over being hopeless in love and getting nothing in return.

The internet anticipated that going through the drama with Holmes would help her birth one of the best albums of her career, and they weren’t wrong.


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