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a list of vegetarian protein

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There are many reasons people may choose to avoid eating soy or limit their soy intake. One such reason includes studies that have found a certain compound in soy, when eaten in large amounts, may increase the risk of breast cancer in those who have a predisposition to it, due to family history. Another reason may be that while a soy allergy isn’t as common as some others, it is still one of the most prevalent food allergies. So for many, eating soy simply isn’t an option.

If you’ve recently stopped eating meat or have been a vegan or vegetarian for many years, you’ve likely discovered that many meat-free foods contain soy. It seems to be the fix-all ingredient the herbivore community landed on as a way of getting enough protein. So what are you to do if soy upsets your stomach? Or you’re afraid of the potential risks associated with it? Or you just don’t like the stuff? There actually are some great soy-free meat substitutes. You just have to know where to look, as they aren’t as easily found as the soy burgers in the frozen food aisle.

When it’s time to get your faux meat crumbles, sausages, or patties, there are some key ingredients to look for that will be filling. Here are delicious soy-free meat alternatives.

a list of vegetarian protein

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Best in noodles: Garbanzo beans

Found in many vegetarian burgers and spread, garbanzo beans add great texture to patties and crumbles. One cup offers an astounding 39 grams of protein, so they can certainly fill you up and make sure you don’t miss any meat. There are many simple ways they can serve as the protein to your dishes – add them to a pesto pasta dish instead of shrimp, or add them to a vegetable noodle soup in place of chicken.

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