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understanding moon signs

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Forty-two percent of American adults believe that spiritual energy can be found in physical things. You see this emerging in many ways, like the popularity of Marie Kondo’s book “The Joy of Tidying Up.” Kondo has people thank items before giving them away, or hold them, to see how the objects make them feel. You can also see the prevailing idea that inanimate objects and space hold energy from the popularity of feng shui, and the belief that the items you keep in your home, and where exactly you place them, can impact the course of your life.

Astrology followers should also pay attention to the way the things and places with which they interact impact their emotions. Each respective sign can have a very different reaction to the same environment, so learning to curate the things you do, and the things you touch, to best suit the needs of your sign, is important. It could be more important than ever right now during the pandemic when people can’t rely on their usual comforts. If the practices that uplifted you before involved leaving the house or large groups of people, you have to get creative now. We spoke with Adama Sesay, founder, and astrologist at Lilith Astrology, about daily practices each sign should be practicing right now. Find daily tips from Sesay on Twitter @13LilithAstro and Instagram @lilithastrology.

Adama Sesay

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Know where to look

You have both a sun and a moon sign, and Sesay says, “When handling social distancing, look at your moon sign. Understand what position your moon is in. That is going to help you heal and nurture your inner world. The moon is who you are when you’re at home and with family members or with a partner.”


Aries moon

“For Aries moon, you need to make time to get outdoors,” says Sesay. “Get out from in front of the computer. See other people. Exercise in the park with them.”  One of her friends is an Aries moon and works out with his son in a park every day and it helps him a lot with mental sanity. Being a sign that enjoys the outdoors and other people, Aries needs to pay special attention to find ways to incorporate those now.


Taurus moon

“This one loves to indulge and shop. But don’t break the bank. Fill your home with things you love. Take up a DIY class. [Make things] from Pinterest or Etsy. Make a business out of it. Taurus moons love to make money and they’re good at it. Find that way to fill your home, so you can experience beauty. Making your home beautiful with DIY items you can sell. [You’ll have a] beautiful home. [You’ll be] Making money. You’ll love that.”


Gemini moon

“They’re having a difficult time with the lack of social interaction. Especially with new people. They want to go to their local coffee shop or meet new people. Not being able to do that is hard for them. It’s a good idea for them to start a podcast or a newsletter. Or start to schedule time with close-by neighbors with a social distance hang out. Connect with people online.”


Cancer moon

“Another one that loves to be home. It’s great for cancers to develop nice healthy cooking habits. Find recipes. Create a menu that makes you feel nurtured. Take baths. Have time to yourself. Make food for other people. Start a food Instagram. Start a hobby. Cancer moons love to fill their home with nurturing love and food. Their home is their emotional world.”


Leo moon

“Shift your entertainment online,” says Sesay, who used to love to go to music festivals. Now she watches them live online, or she watches old ones. “Sit and dance and watch them. Have a drink and lose yourself in a music video. Support your local artists…be a Patreon of someone you like online. Tip people for posting things online. It feeds your need to support the arts and be a part of it.”


Virgo moon

Sesay describes this moon sign as, “Practical. Analytical. Neat. Perfectionist.” Her advice to this moon sign is, “Keep your home clean. Keep things organized. Keeping a routine is very important for a Virgo moon. Work out at the same time each day. Make sure you’re getting dressed every morning. Eating at the same time. Those can all be comforting. Once the schedule gets out of whack, they can feel out of control and not nurtured.”


Libra moon

“Libra moons are very relationship-oriented,” says Sesay, adding that she doesn’t want to encourage codependency, but if there is already a partner, she says “Spend time with those people in your life. Libra moons maybe having a hard time if they’re single. This is a great opportunity to try online dating or join a matchmaker service. Some are doing Zooms for people. It’s also a good time to rediscover yourself and what you need in a relationship. You could make it happen even during a time like this.”


Scorpio moon

“Scorpio moons love quiet. They need alone time. They can take advantage of this time. At night, Scorpio moon loves a quiet bath with some candles and a dim light. Do it on a full moon night. That can really calm a Scorpio moon. They hold onto emotions intensely and don’t let it show. So though they may appear calm, but the things happening could be affecting them. And their element is water, so touching that element via a bath is calming.”


Sagittarius moon

“Sagittarius moons love to travel and love other cultures. They love education and higher learning and expanding themselves through life experience. One thing that could be fun for them is developing an international cuisine menu. They could make the food they discovered on their trips in the past. They can look up a recipe, and learn about that culture online. Take online classes.”


Capricorn moon

“This sign also loves money,” says Sesay, adding, “I’m shocked if a Capricorn moon or Taurus moon does not have a side hustle. This is an excellent time to develop something entrepreneurial to earn another revenue stream, and potentially not enter back into a job force if that’s not for you. This is a work-oriented sign. Capricorns know how to build. They’re resilient. They have tortoise-wins-the-race type of energy. They do things methodically.”


Aquarius moon

“They have an easy time with social distancing. They could use this time to also broaden their knowledge. But then also, maybe taking the time to donate their time. They are the humanitarian of moons. They want to help large groups of people. If you have extra time or the means to, raise money for a cause. Donate to a cause. Donate time to working voting stations. Donate time to a food bank. Aquarius moons feel nurtured when they can nurture a large group of people other than themselves. Start an online communication. This moon is into tech. Learn something like coding or digital marketing.”


Pisces moon

“[This is] a very emotional placement,” states Sesay, and she believes Pisces moons need time out from reality. “It’s a very spiritual sign. They like things that aren’t of this world. They’re very intuitive. They feel everything around them and that can be exhausting. They need alone time.” Sesay recommends for this sign if they have the means to be around water, to do so. And to meditate, possibly while listening to beach sounds. “Draw a bath. Play beach sounds while in the bath. Connect with the element of water and connect with yourself. Letting go of the realities of everyday life is very nurturing to a Pisces moon.”

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