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31 Days Sensuality

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Summer came around and the flowers bloomed. He became the sun, I became the moon.” – Erykah Badu. 

In every story, parable or ancient tale I read about powerful women, a reference to her femininity and the moon is always apart of the narrative. There is a sacred connection between women and the moon – and on the opposite end of things, there is a sacred connection between men and the sun. Before we moved into the era of electricity, big cities, and our rapidly evolving modern lifestyle, the world used the moon to guide them through navigating their daily practices ( i.e. harvest, phases of the year, etc…). And for women,  our menstrual cycles mirror those of the eight moon cycles- which means that we should revere ourselves for having this divine connection.  In fact, before society started looking at women’s monthly cycles as problematic and a sign of weakness, we linked this special time of the month to a woman’s ability to achieve greater synchronicity her body.

Author Sioux Rose wrote in her book,  Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time that,  “the lunar cycle directly impacts our emotions and “energizes the collective unconscious.”  Hence why during a full moon or new moon, women are in their “ feels.” Sioux Rose suggests that if we observe our relationship to the larger cycle, we can adapt a “this too shall pass” attitude. Even more, there is power in harnessing the energy and rhythmicity of the moon. You can manifest anything with the magic of the moon. Over time, when learning how to get quiet and tune in during the moon phases, you will live more in sync with your natural environment and with your truth as a woman (this is true regardless of whether you menstruate or not).

Marinate on that for a while. For me, it’s becoming even more  apparent how women’s menstrual cycles mirror not just those of the moon, but days, seasons, and life itself. In addition to incorporating the herbal practices  i’ve learned from The Tea Womb ( read this article here), I’m also learning to adapt moon rituals into my life. These are apart of the exploration of sensuality! Allow yourself to get grounded and connected to nature, then let it guide you through your feelings, emotions and gut instincts. 

During the full moon in August, a few friends and I went to the beach to do a full moon ritual. The beauty in moon rituals is that they invite you to get quiet and tap in. They ask you to plant seeds of intention. The full moon’s in particular represents fruitfulness, celebration, psychic intuition, completeness and it brings with it a lot of energy. This is a time for you to release and shedding what no longer serves you with the intention of paving the way for a whole new cycle to begin. 


And when doing full moon rituals with other women, the synchronicity of your manifestations are even more intense. Here’s what we did: 

  1. Journal/ Reflect on how you feel. What comes up for you? What do you want to release? Now, write out what you want to manifest, what are your intentions? Share this with your tribe. Affirm each other. 
  2. Clear your energy with sage. Continue to release by repeating the mantra, “I release all that no longer serves me for my highest good.”
  3. Bask in the moonlight: Go to the beach at the tale-end of the evening and sit with the moon and the ocean. Simply lie down and let the rays of the moon infuse you with their healing energy.  If you can’t get to the beach, then sit on your porch. The goal is to simply be with the moon. Marvel at its beauty. 
  4. Charge your spiritual tools: If you have crystals, charge them in the moonlight by putting them outside. Set an intention with them. 
  5. Grab hands and jump in the water! 

Full Moon’s are about feminine/ sensual reclamation. When the full moon comes, i ask that you allow yourself to feel what comes up for you whether it be healing,  feeling extra sexual or waiting to move into a new cycle of your life.  Own, love and honor ALL of it. 




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