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at home projects diy

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Even though the country is opening back up, a lot of us are still choosing to mostly stay at home. Just because you can technically dine in at many restaurants now and return to having a drink at your favorite bars, doesn’t mean that safety precautions should just go out the window. The way some of us are staying safe may just be to still stay home. But you want to remain productive, and you want to feel like something good comes out of this time. You’ve already made every single recipe you could find online and fixed that creaky door and exhausted the at-home workout videos online. Maybe it’s time to give your house some TLC in a real way. In fact, it could be good for your relationship with your home right now to stop seeing it as a quarantine zone and start seeing it as, well, a home again. You know how you probably need a haircut, a spa day, and a mani/pedi real bad right now? Your home probably needs whatever the equivalent of that is for a house. Loving your home and working on it has a way of uplifting your spirits. So stop just trudging around in it, eating on the floor and sleeping in an unmade bed. Show it some love. Here are uplifting DIY home projects you can do.


at home projects diy

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Elevate your bathroom space

Your bathroom doesn’t just have to be a place where you stash razors, body wash, and toothpaste. It can also be a sanctuary. Think of what makes a great hotel or spa bathroom so special: those little details. Add some candles. Some fresh lavender in a vase. Maybe a rolling cart with some magazines and books on it. Perhaps a nice portable caddy for your bathtub, where you can put a glass of wine while you relax.

at home projects diy

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Add an accent wall

If you own your place or rent a place where this is allowed, paint an accent wall. You can paint several throughout the home. Just don’t overdo it. Consider a muted blue wall in the bedroom, right behind your bed, as it’s calming. Maybe one yellow wall in the breakfast area to perk you up and let the sunlight shine even brighter as it reflects off the wall.

at home projects diy

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Add floating shelves

Standing shelves can be very clunky. You may have massive, heavy display shelves that take up a lot of floor space, and wall space. Do you really need all that? Consider adding some floating shelves around various walls. This gives you a way to spread out photos, books, decorative plates, and other display items, without weighing down one wall.

at home projects diy

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Display your jewelry better

Take a look at how your jewelry is currently displayed. Maybe you’re not wild about it. Is it stashed in a drawer or in a bulky jewelry box you’ve had since high school? It may be time to update that. If you have an old bulletin board, you can hang pieces on push pins, and then add other decorative items you like to the bulletin board, like photos, dried flowers, quotes from beauty icons, and more.

at home projects diy

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Get a goals whiteboard

Instead of having your to-do list and goals on post-it notes all over the house, written on pieces of paper shoved in purses or drawers, or just rolling around in your head, get a whiteboard and put it in a place you’ll look at it every day, like right by your bedroom door or over your desk. It’s a big, clean way to display your to-do items, and then you can just erase them when they’re done.

at home projects diy

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Glam up your outdoor space

Stop neglecting your outdoor space. You might have bought or rented your home specifically for that patio, yard, or balcony. So do something with it! Clean it up. Get some patio furniture you love and some festive weather-resistant cushions. Add twinkle lights. Make it a place you want to hang out in, since it may be some of the only fresh air you’re getting right now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

at home projects diy

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Add accents everywhere

Just take an accent pass. Are there any areas of your home that look dull? Tired? Boring? Bland? Sad? No, no, no. You can’t leave that like that. Where is there an opportunity for a fake cactus? Or a small stand with some photos on it? Or a side table with some flowers and candles? Don’t let any corners of the home be left…sad.

at home projects diy

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Get that garden going

Having something that you grow, at home, that you can consume, is an incredible feeling. If you have a yard and believe you’ll keep it up, you can start a small garden with some vegetables and herbs. You could even just have some potted herbs on your windowsill. Interacting with the earth like that is very grounding, and helps you feel self-sufficient.

at home projects diy

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Create a recipe book

You know that you’ve made many recipes over the years that you loved, but when it comes time to make a meal, you feel fresh out of ideas. It’s finally time to compile those recipes, from the gourmet ones for guests to those easy lunches that somehow feel special. Make a well-organized recipe book with sections like “Quick lunch,” or “gluten-free baked goods.”

at home projects diy

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Prep an “exit” center

This small task makes you feel like you’re really caring for yourself. Have a clean table by the front door where you keep some small water bottles, a bowl of portable fruit (apples, bananas, oranges), sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and chapstick. You’ll love having this here each time you run out the door, so you’re ready to take on the day.

at home projects diy

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Make a real bar area

Don’t just stash your handles and wine bottles under the kitchen sink or above the fridge. Make yourself a nice wet bar. If you have the space, you can build a real one – all you really need is a U-shaped structure with some shelves in it – and if you’re short on space, just get a sophisticated rolling cart with shelves for the booze, glasses, and accouterments.

at home projects diy

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Make a boujee closet

Whether you have a walk-in closet or you’re working with limited space, you can dress up your closet a bit — make it an experience, rather than just a place where you shove your clothes. Add a small table in there with a mirror on it. You can put champagne glasses there when you get ready for nice events. Add a small stool so you can sit down to put on shoes.  Hang up some photos of fashion icons.

at home projects diy

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Frame your favorite quotes

It’s nice to see the comforting, uplifting, inspiring, and funny words of some of your favorite writers, philosophers, thinkers, and humans. Maybe your grandma has a great quote. Print these on nice paper and frame them. Put them around your home. Fill your home with the words of loved ones.

at home projects diy

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Do a convenience pass

Take a good long look at every corner of your home. Think of how you use it. Think of the inconvenient moments that repeat themselves. Like how you always wish you had somewhere to put your drink next to that reading chair. Or how the remote controls slide off that slippery table next to the couch. Put a tiny drink stand by that chair. Get a non-slip caddy for the remotes.

at home projects diy

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Create a gourmet coffee corner

If you love coffee, then treat coffee like you love it. Get a gourmet coffee corner going. You can have sugar in a pretty little jar. You can have a few silver spoons out. You can have your Nespresso pods lined up in a decorative basket. You can always have two nice cups and saucers, clean and ready to go. It will feel like you’re in a five-star hotel.

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