Your Excuses Not To Meditate, Busted

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Meditation is a powerful thing. Just look at all of the successful and high profile individuals who love it. Can we say that they got to where they are thanks to meditation alone? No, but it probably contributed quite a bit. Meditation can bust feelings of self-doubt, at the core of your being. They can help you think clearly. They can help you better understand what it is that you want. They can give you more mental energy to accomplish your goals, while also instilling the patience it might take to get there. You can quickly see how those are all things that could contribute to one’s success. But, not everyone takes to meditation easily. The entire concept of sitting cross-legged or lying in a dark room for a long time doing nothing makes some people uneasy. Ironically, once you get into it, meditation will be the thing that makes you feel the most at ease. Here are your excuses to not meditate, squashed.

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You don’t have time

There are probably a lot of things that take you 10 to 20 minutes that you do each day that you don’t need to do. You’d be better served to meditate for 20 minutes a night than to watch one more episode of that sitcom. And, when meditation starts to work, you’ll notice that you do all of your tasks more swiftly—you feel less sluggish—so you actually gain time.

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You’re too stressed out

Well, that’s a whole mess of an excuse. The whole point of meditation is to help you de-stress. If you’re so stressed out that you can’t meditate then, you need to meditate more than anyone.

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Your home is hectic

Your kids won’t leave you alone. Your neighbors are loud. Well, the whole point of meditation is learning to be extremely present and block out distractions so it might be just the thing you need in a hectic home (you can also ask your partner to keep the kids away from your bedroom door for 15 minutes).

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Your space is cluttered

If you can’t meditate because you can’t find an uncluttered chair or place on the floor, then consider this your impetus to finally clean up. And you’ll find that when your mind is less cluttered through meditation, you’re more prone to keeping your space uncluttered, too.

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You’re afraid of what you’ll find

People do get in touch with parts of their subconscious they didn’t know were there during mediation. But you’d be surprised how actually unintimidating the experience is. It isn’t scary—these parts of your mind just sort of gently make themselves more apparent.

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It doesn’t work for you

If you believe it doesn’t work for you then, A) You probably haven’t given it enough of a chance and B) It actually may be working, but you haven’t noticed. Maybe you tried to manifest making more money and you don’t have any more. But…have you found more energy and inspiration for your work lately? Because that can lead to more money, later.

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You always fall asleep

It’s okay if you fall asleep. If you’re listening to a guided meditation, the messages still make their way into your subconscious while you’re, well, unconscious.

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There’s no science to it

Actually, when you lie in a quiet, peaceful room and participate in deep breathing for an extended period of time your blood pressure drops and your stress hormones plummet. That’s got to be worth something, right?

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I can’t stop thinking

Just focus on the breathing. Don’t get frustrated with yourself because your mind won’t shut off. It can take a very long time to get to that place. The more you practice meditation, the quicker you’ll shut your mind off each time.

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Mantras are cheesy

So don’t listen to mantras. Some meditations just require you to breathe in a certain way. That’s it.

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I’m not spiritual

Meditation isn’t just about spirituality. It’s about quieting your mind enough to notice certain thoughts and feelings that have been suppressed and it’s about relaxing the body. Everybody can benefit from that.

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I have better things to do

You may have better things to do but you’ll do a better job at those things if you make time for meditation. Without meditation, you might not even really know what you’re after out there in life. How great can any action be if you’re not sure what your goal is? Meditation can help you find it.

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My friends would roast me

So, your friends might tease you for getting into meditation? How good of friends can they be if they criticize things you do to help yourself feel better and do better?

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I don’t know what to do

That’s okay. There are tons of guided meditations you can download online. You never have to be alone in the process.

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I don’t want to lose my edge

Are you afraid that meditation will make you so Zenned out that you have no hustle left in you? That’s not really how it works. It will just quiet unnecessary, unproductive thoughts and anxieties that get in the way of your hustle. But it won’t deprive you of your drive.

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