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insurance quotes

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There can be a lot of guilt surrounding conversations about insurance. You know that getting insurance is the responsible thing to do, and you can feel like, the moment you start asking any questions about pricing, you’re accused of not seeing the importance in the insurance. If you ask a customer service representative at an insurance company, “Do I really need that?” or “How likely is it, really, that that would ever occur?” rather than answer you directly, they’ll list off horror stories of people who didn’t add that coverage, and paid big time. They’ll say, “Don’t you want to be protected?” or “Doesn’t your home matter to you?” or “Doesn’t your family matter to you?” It’s very manipulative. But at the end of the day, insurance is a product, and like any other – from computers to furniture to kitchen appliances – they’re not all built equally. They’re not all priced equally. Some are exactly the same, and priced quite differently. You are entitled to ask questions. You have a right to pursue the best price possible. And you shouldn’t be made to feel bad for using your common sense. If you know you’ll never need a certain coverage, don’t be guilt-tripped into buying it. You know your life and your habits and what matters most to you. On that note, here are ways to save money on these common insurance policies.

insurance quotes

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For pets, get it early

If you are considering pet insurance, know that A) yes, you do need it and B) every day you spend thinking about it is a day that premiums can go up. Most pet insurance companies base your premium on your pet’s age, as well as other things, like the breed. So the sooner you get it, the better. If you adopted your pet, know that the shelter may not have truly known the pet’s age. So get a vet to take a closer look so you list the proper age.

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