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getting older health issues

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In our twenties, we are very go, go, go! We won’t let anything—from pain to a cold—stop us from doing the things we want. We’ll still go on that ski trip with the friend group, come rain, shine, or sinus infection. We’ll drink alcohol when we have the flu. We’ll take on a massive project while fighting an infection. Those are the years when we just don’t want anything to stop us. And, our idea of what it means to be “healthy” is a bit off, too. We had friends who ate fast food every day and did hard drugs. Compared to them, we felt pretty healthy for picking up our salad kids to have with our steaks, and just sticking to alcohol (nightly) as our substance of choice. But, as we get older, we don’t get to have such a flippant attitude towards our health. We never should have in the first place, but our bodies really don’t let us get away with it past a certain age. Here are ways your health priorities change as you get older.

getting older health issues

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Caring about ingredients over calories

It used to be all about calories, calories, calories. And maybe low-fat stuff. But around one’s mid thirties, you start looking at ingredients. You want more wholesome foods. You want food that is not just low calorie but also nutritious, like full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. You do take vitamins, but you’d also like your food to provide you with most of the nutrients you need.

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