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Making time at the start of another work day can sometimes be problematic. In between actually getting the motivation to get out of bed, taking care of things (and people) around the house and preparing for the daily demands at work (and just trying to get there on time), the morning can be a constant reminder that there are simply not enough hours in the day.

Starting your day off right not only means you will be more inclined to focus on the tasks at-hand, but you will be able to enjoy the day instead of just getting “through” it. Hopefully, these important morning tasks help you fully take control of your day.

Get Enough Sleep

A good and productive day starts with getting enough hours of sleep the night before. Although everyone has their own length of time they need, studies have proven that at least six to eight hours of sleep will help fuel the average adult. Being restless could be the beginning of a very long day, so try getting these much-needed hours instead of staying up and watching re-runs you’ve already seen is key. They may be tempting, and that last scoop of ice cream at midnight sounds like heaven, but fueling your body with sleep is the most effective way to enjoy your night and be fully prepared for what comes the next day. Your body will thank you for it in the morning.


Taking the Time to Get Out of Bed

The snooze button shouldn’t be your way of getting the most out of your beauty rest. Take the snooze button out of your morning routine, and attempt to wake up on time or a little ahead of time to give yourself the opportunity of slowly waking yourself up in a peaceful way. Jolting yourself awake and out of bed will put a mental shock factor into your morning, giving you the feeling that you are behind schedule and you’ll start rushing through other factors of your morning routine and day. Give your body and mind time to relax and fully wake up before you get out of bed to start your day off calmly. Do some deep breathing, some stretching,etc.  It might seem like as soon as you raise your head up off your pillow, the weight of the world is back on your shoulders, but by giving yourself the time to just lay there and do nothing before “jumping to the rescue,” it will make the weight a little more easier to bear.

Play Music

Do you ever take the time out of your day to just blast your favorite music as loud as you can and actually enjoy it? Don’t discredit music as a source of inspiration and energy; many of us use music on a regular basis to keep moving swiftly through our day. Use your favorite upbeat, inspiring or calming music in the morning as the soundtrack to the start of your day, and actually enjoy it while handling your daily duties, like showering, getting dressed or even eating breakfast, not just when you’re on your way to work.

Morning Exercise

Exercise is a very important factor in everyone’s overall health, short and long term. No matter if it is in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, exercise is a vital component to living a healthy and stable life. Now, you don’t have to do a full workout routine and break a sweat, but a little exercise of the body goes a long way in the morning. If you are not the dedicated, physical type who can hit the gym at six in the morning and pump out a few, try calming, peaceful exercises in your own home like yoga or meditation to get your day started. If you want more of an exercise to get your mind fit for the day instead, try more spiritual workouts like reading your bible, praying, saying daily affirmations or any other ritual that you practice that helps keep you mentally grounded and at-peace.


Breakfast is a meal that is self-explanatory; it helps in many more ways than one, especially when it is treated like an actual meal and not a snack to get you through the cravings of your day. Before you pick up your favorite brew of coffee in the morning and forget all about breakfast, try picking up something small first, like a banana or protein bar, to compliment your morning. If you usually have some time in the morning to squeeze in an actual breakfast, try cooking in the morning and actually sitting down to eat something before you head out to work. Taking time out to do the little tasks, like cooking and enjoying your meal instead of rushing out with it, could positively impact your day. Instead of having the mentality of getting “through” your day, eating a healthy breakfast in one sitting will give you a more relaxed approach with your time.


If you are a commuter, chances are you deal with many “interesting” traveling conditions. From packed subways full of other zoned-out commuters to long bus rides, the commute to work is usually no one’s favorite part of their morning. Make it productive by using the time to read or listen to something inspirational. A good book, e-reader or MP3 player with your favorite music makes commuting a little easier and jump starts your day off right, getting you in the zone for your day.

Connect with love ones and friends

One of the most effective mood boosters are the people surrounding you on a daily basis (or those far away). The power of positive energy plays a huge role in how you perceive the rest of your day, so connecting with a support system before the grunt of your day could prove to be important so you can be successful emotionally.

Try calling, emailing or even texting a friend, family member or co-worker during your morning to get you inspired or even get you laughing before you start your work-filled day. It can be that energy boost and inspiration you need to keep you going and help you keep things in perspective.

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