I’m a BIG Kid Now: 8 Signs You’ve Finally Grown Up…

March 22, 2012  |  
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Who knew that being an adult could be this much fun! Although sarcasm oozes from my tone and I sometimes long for those carefree days of my childhood, I am somewhat comforted by the growth that has occurred from childhood to womanhood. Many of the things I used to do as a young girl, I wouldn’t dare do as a woman; but of course that’s a part of growing up.

While each of us go through different growing pains and have different ‘ahh-ahh’ moments that declare our adulthood, I think we can agree that some of these things serve as our ‘girl you know you’re grown’ moments. From having a circle of married friends to learning to save before you spend, check out these sometimes overlooked signs that you’ve come oh so far in age and wisdom.

You Cringe At New Music and Reminisce When You Hear Some Of The Music You Used To Love

There was a time when I could dance and sing along to any song while paying little attention to the lyrics. Now I can’t bear to hear certain songs, let alone sing along to them because the lyrics are too harsh and disrespectful.

While there are times when I am out socially and it doesn’t bother me,  more times than not I cringe when I hear some of the foul and overly-sexual music others are dropping it low to. So when a ’90s jam comes on, I get excited (and happy on the inside) because most music from the past I would consider my ‘jam’. I’ve decided that this taste in music is easily chalked up to me getting older and wiser.

You Ditch The Sample Sale And Save Instead

You’ve heard of  yet another sample sale and are tempted to go splurge despite the fact that you have declared 2012 your year of saving. You surprise yourself by ditching the sale and saving your hard-earned money. Although it’s certainly not the most exciting thing to do, you are subtly proud of your grown-up decision.

You know you’re grown when you finally realize the importance of saving for your future. Maybe you haven’t yet learned how or where to invest your money, but you’ve realized the first step is to save in general. Just a little something something for a rainy day…

You Have Strict Criteria Before Jumping Into A Relationship

A few years ago your checklist may have resembled the profile of your favorite celebrity; but now good looks and deep pockets aren’t the qualifying factors (well, not the only qualifying factors) that you require from a man before jumping into a relationship with him. Now you realize that certain things that make a man a good friend won’t necessarily make him a good husband; and most importantly, just because he may be a good man, doesn’t make him the man for you. You know you’re grown when you suddenly have a better idea of what you do and don’t want, and don’t mind waiting until you get it.

You Stop Believing The ‘Reality’ of Reality TV and Everything In The Movies

Surprisingly, there are some people who believe the silly shenanigans, embellished lifestyles, and obtrusive behavior displayed on reality television. At one time you may have believed it as well and even, shamefully at a time, displayed some of the behavior in your ‘real’ life (fighting much?); but as an adult you realized that your life has no cameras and no VH1 backing; and furthermore, you realized that reality television is far from your reality and instead only a means of entertainment–silly entertainment. Simply put, you aren’t influenced, nor are you really entertained by the ratchet things you see on TV.

You Now Understand The Importance of Beauty Rest

There was once a time when we could stay up and out all night and wake early in the morning if needed; and while some of us can still do this from time to time, we also appreciate our sleep and now realize that ‘beauty rest’ is actually needed to maintain our good looks. While black may not crack, there are other disadvantages to our health that come with lack of rest. Think dark circles and lackluster skin to name a few. And who doesn’t like feeling upbeat and productive during the week?

You Spend More Time On Your Soul Than You Do On Your Looks

What woman doesn’t want to look her best? We all do, and there doesn’t have to be any apologies for wanting such; but as we get older and wiser there is something magical that happens. Suddenly, our outer appearance doesn’t seem nearly as important as our inner. We finally realize that there are beautiful people everywhere and if all we have to offer is the physical, we’re doomed. So while we spend time at hair salons, buying makeup and adorning our body with the latest trends (and catching up on beauty sleep), we spend just as much time feeding our souls intellectually and spiritually.

Double Dating Is No Longer Your Ideal First Date

Unless it’s some random blind date that your friend insists you meet, those days of doubling up with a friend on a date to make it more comfortable now seem juvenile. Instead, you want to engage in one on one conversation with your date and learn more about him. You don’t want to sit around a gang of people you don’t know as they bump in to you in a thirsty grab for drinks. You don’t particularly like going to the movies for a first date because of the lack of communication that usually takes place.  You are certainly pickier with who you date and where you go. Double dates as a norm are now a thing of the past for you.

Your Friends Call To Talk About Their Husbands And Not Their Hook-Ups

Instead of your friends calling about their latest crush, they’re now calling about family vacations and minor marital disputes. Times have really changed when mostly everyone around you is either married, a mom, or both. Whether you have ever walked down aisle or not, you know you’re grown when the majority of your circle is married or with child and doesn’t necessarily feel like clubbing in the tightest of dresses and tallest of heels anymore.


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