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Who knew that being an adult could be this much fun! Although sarcasm oozes from my tone and I sometimes long for those carefree days of my childhood, I am somewhat comforted by the growth that has occurred from childhood to womanhood. Many of the things I used to do as a young girl, I wouldn’t dare do as a woman; but of course that’s a part of growing up.

While each of us go through different growing pains and have different ‘ahh-ahh’ moments that declare our adulthood, I think we can agree that some of these things serve as our ‘girl you know you’re grown’ moments. From having a circle of married friends to learning to save before you spend, check out these sometimes overlooked signs that you’ve come oh so far in age and wisdom.

You Cringe At New Music and Reminisce When You Hear Some Of The Music You Used To Love

There was a time when I could dance and sing along to any song while paying little attention to the lyrics. Now I can’t bear to hear certain songs, let alone sing along to them because the lyrics are too harsh and disrespectful.

While there are times when I am out socially and it doesn’t bother me,  more times than not I cringe when I hear some of the foul and overly-sexual music others are dropping it low to. So when a ’90s jam comes on, I get excited (and happy on the inside) because most music from the past I would consider my ‘jam’. I’ve decided that this taste in music is easily chalked up to me getting older and wiser.

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