She’s a Bad Mama Jama: Our Celebrity Girl Crushes

March 22, 2012  |  
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Okay, so maybe we’re not looking at the following ladies and swooning, but there’s just something about their big hearts, mad swag and beauty we can’t help but adore (*turns on Prince’s “Adore” to set the mood*). Whether they’re out there saving the world or saving our broken hearts, or better yet, inspiring us with their creativity and talent, we get all boy band giddy when they come on TV or on our computer screens. You go girls!

Issa Rae

You know somebody is big when you ask another person the following about them, and you get this response:

Me: “Have you ever heard of Awkward Black Girl? It’s by this woman named Issa Rae?”

Friend Who Never Knows What I’m Talking About: “YES! My sister put me on to that! I’m addicted!”

At the beginning of 2011, I had no idea who or what an Issa Rae was, but by the end of the year, like most women, I was trying to spread the word about the director, writer and editor and her phenomenal web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl to everybody I knew. Whether it was through this blog or straight up word of mouth, I was low-key canvassing. The accomplished Stanford grad did the impossible: she made being the awkward black girl cool (and did so with an awesome haircut!). No lie, she’s kind of like a big deal…

Viola Davis

I know what you’re thinking off the back: I love Viola because she went natural in front of the whole world. Okay, that’s one part of it, but I also happen to be a huge fan because she’s crazy talented and very deep. Have you ever listened to some of the speeches she gave during awards season? She was taking me to church! She really makes you feel proud and inspired to go out and do the things you love–no matter how long it takes for you to get the recognition you deserve for it. Plus, nobody cries on screen like Viola D. Just saying.

Solange Knowles

Beyoncé who? Okay, I’m kidding, we all know her big sister, and her big sister’s man, and her big sister’s baby. But seriously, I love me some Solange (excuse my twisted language in the past sentence). I think her style is very youthful and less calculated than other people out there, and watching her afro grow as my own did has been pretty cool too. I don’t think she tries to be different because everybody wants to look and sound the same, I just look at her and think she’s simply becoming comfortable in her own skin doing her own thing in front of us all. Brave sistah.

Jill Scott

I saw Jill Scott perform with Maxwell in Chicago a few years back, and after viewing her in all her glory (and at the time, with a big head of hair attached), I wondered why I hadn’t been a huge fan like everyone else for so long? I was two-stepping too hard in the United Center to her songs! After the concert, I did some research and realized, that she did indeed have THE jams. And I’m not just talking the well-known “He Loves Me,” “Getting in the Way,” and “A Long Walk.” I’m talking “Gotta Get Up,” “Lonely Whenever You’re Around,” “The Fact Is,” “Love Rain,” “How it Make You Feel” jams. And her new album hasn’t been a disappointment. She’s just a very real sistah (Remember the piece she wrote about black men dating white women? Or her words for the Grammy people?). And while other singers want to look like and act like what the industry wants, homegirl steps out the box…with a new hairstyle and pair of Gazelles everytime. *smiles*

Ellen DeGeneres

What? Ellen is awesome. I have to keep it real though. Ellen can’t dance to me. However, I respect her attempts and how crunk she makes her crowd when she comes out for her shows. Her sense of humor is one everybody can relate to. Hell, she even made JCPenney commercials hilarious and worth not flipping the channel over on TV (even when folks tried to hate on her for being their first gay spokesperson). I also have mad respect for the way she helps people on her show and doesn’t give them the most random of free stuff. And you know you have got to be fab when you dress like a man and still kill as a CoverGirl spokesmodel. WORK!

Tracee Ellis Ross

For a minute there, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t see Tracee on TV like that again. After Girlfriends, MY SHOW, ended abruptly on lame a** CW, she did a few guest appearances on shows I wasn’t really a fan of and a movie here and there. But that was about it. Thankfully though, she has a lot of talent, because she ended up right back on our TV screens with the lead role on BET’s Reed Between the Lines, and she’s set to be a lead on an upcoming NBC drama called Bad Girls. And no worries, she’ll still allegedly be working on Reed. We see you multi-tasking, girl! Love her personality, those bubble eyes and the happy go lucky smile she throws on in front of the camera. And did I mention that I love her free-spirited hair?


Who said uber-successful (and do I mean UBER) singers have to be pencil thin and be half-naked all the time? In the case of Adele, all you really need is a voice and the right lyrics. I’ve heard many post-breakup inspired albums in my time that I loved (where would a sistah be without My Life?), but Adele’s 21 is one of the few that everybody was bumping. Blame it on the emotion and power in her voice that had you in the bathroom mirror with your brush screaming, “BUT I SET FIIIIIRE TO THE RAAAAIN!” or the fact that we’ve all been through what she’s covered in her songs. Either way, the girl did it on us, and I’m so ready for 23. Or whatever the next album will be entitled…

FLOTUS: Michelle Obama

Some might think being the First Lady would be the greatest opportunity to just sit around wearing expensive clothes, getting your hair done and smiling at all the cameras, but our FLOTUS said no thanks to sitting and soaking up the notoriety. Instead, she’s made the most of opportunities to help the American people through visiting shelters, soup kitchens, and pushing the “Let’s Move” campaign to help fight childhood obesity. And I’ve seen enough Maury episodes to know that we do need the help. Not to mention that she’s been all over TV recently to spread the good word about Mr. President. She’s funny, easy to relate to and puts up with a lot of crap from the haters, but does so with a big smile (YOU MAD!?). This woman is my “SHero” and comes off as a genuinely beautiful person inside and out. *swoons*

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