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The “Fresh & Fit Podcast” has been catching heat on social media after Asian Doll walked out of her recent interview after a tense exchange with host Myron Gaines after calling him “mean as f***.” After her walk off, clips from the podcast began surfacing on the internet where Gaines and co-host Walter Weekes are bashing Black women, calling them “Shaniquas,” “night riders” and saying they would never date them. A social media post where Gaines is coaching on how to do sexual coercion has also turned heads. Fellow podcaster Joe Budden couldn’t help but comment on the podcast’s shameful behavior and blasted them in a now-deleted Instagram post. Budden said doesn’t normally post about other podcasts but he had to “make an exception.”

“I don’t know these 2 Doofs but they don’t get to do this,” he wrote. “Too ignorant, inexperienced, insecure, fragile and weak for this stale gimmick to not be seen through. Black women are everything, ESPECIALLY beautiful!! Every kind of beautiful too, so to hear this?!? From them?!? Lol it’s laughable.. but it’s not. It’s not ‘y’all don’t date Black women’ fam, Black women won’t date y’all (i can tell) so you harbor this hate and base opinions off as if you’ve been outside long enough to even know yourself… and y’all are angry about it, just not angry enough to not use them.”

The New Jersey native continued to defend Black women, saying the hosts are well aware that hate and love from Black women brings clout to whatever you are doing (look at Kevin Samuels) and if they truly hate Black women to leave them out of their conversations.

These Idiots know most podcasts can’t get off the ground or gain any traction without love OR hate from Black women. Both act as fuel. This is nothing more than a cheap, tasteless heave at a payday. The words don’t match the actions, if you hate them, do it without them. Skip the topic. Don’t have them as guests (you clearly don’t know how to host them). Don’t cater convo toward them. Say no to every dollar/view/like/download/subscription generated directly or indirectly by them, then I’ll believe you. This is just pure laziness (amongst other things). If you can’t find a funny/creative way to be inclusive or discuss dating then go back to the drawing board. I’ll skip the lecture on self hatred and just be glad they make is so easy to spot.

And lastly, yes… we love “Shaniqua” and “Buquiesha” (LaKanya is a personal favorite ☺️)

i see why they hate some of you n***** having microphones!!! Smh”

Budden couldn’t be more right. Bashing Black women is normalized and tolerated, especially from Black men. Gaines and Weekes defended their nasty comments by saying not dating Black women is just a preference not realizing that they are oozing with misogynoir. You can prefer not to date Black women but not hurl insults at them and degrade them when you explain why. The “Shaniquas” I know have doctorate degrees, are lawyers, community leaders, judges and hold other prestigious positions that show how educated, dedicated, hard working and impressive they are. Having Black women be interested in you is an honor Gaines and Weekes clearly don’t know anything about.

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