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Reggie Youngblood has entered The Real World. After a heated argument with castmate David Edwards, Tami Roman called her husband after Edwards hurled a slew of insults at her during an argument that started while the cast was discussing police brutality and Black Lives Matter.

The conversation started among the housemates when they were answering questions from a fishbowl in the living room. Things got serious when Irene Berrera-Kearns was asked a question about how she feels about police brutality.

“Irene being a retired police officer, what are your views on the current controversies of the law enforcement? i.e George Floyd,” she was asked.

Berrera-Kearns explained how she “saw things she wasn’t proud of” and “lived through Rodney King and has done BLM marches”  and still supports her partners in blue. She also admitted that she didn’t always stand up for people when she should have. Roman chimed into the conversation as well and the direction of it changed due to Edwards’ lack of concern around the Black Lives Matter movement. Edwards shared that he felt “corporations are having a f****** field day” because of it.

“You’re a Black man,” Roman told Edwards. “You’re supposed to speak to the plight of the Black man and your a** starts talking about a corporation? Black men are the ones being targeted, being killed. I would have liked for you to address that from a Black man’s perspective.”

Edwards replied, “Sometimes I go, ‘I don’t even give a f***.’ All human beings are crazy … it’s a lot, I just stay in my lane.”

Taken aback by his disregard, Roman went on to further explain why Edwards’ standpoint was enraging.

“Our Black men are being killed, they’re being disrespected, challenged. So when you’re asked about the Black Lives Matter movement and what that could mean for our culture as a whole and you say it’s about mother f****** Wal-Mart? We can’t start talking about corporations until we cover the ground floor.”

After telling Edwards he had a  “slave mentality” Edwards said, “You said I have a slave mentality? Sitting here with a motherf****** wig on. I think your wig is possessed.”

Things continued to go downhill and Edwards referred back to the situation that got him kicked out of The Real World house back in 1993.

“The b**** is heated now! I’ll snatch that motherf****** wig faster than that f****** blanket!”  he said in reference to when he snatched a blanket off of a half-naked Roman almost three decades ago. Edwards continued slamming Roman during a phone conversation and when she overheard him she didn’t hesitate to approach him again.

Since Edwards wasn’t there, Youngblood had no problem waiting for him to return so he could confront him.

Youngblood only left after he was told by producers that Edwards was being held away from the house and wouldn’t return while he was there.
“My husband has a right to defend me and make a person respect me,” Roman explained to the cast. “We don’t gotta agree on everything, but we don’t have to be disrespectful. That’s why I called my husband, just to understand to you guys why I called him.”
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