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During last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies gathered for a Halloween party at Falynn Guobadia’s house where the evening predictably took a turn for the worst following a series of chaotic events — all caused by LaToya Ali speaking about some of the other castmates’ marriages.

To be honest, things in the episode were pretty dry until we finally got to the drama that went down at Falynn’s house. If you missed the episode, some major plot points were Drew and Ralph talking to their son Josiah about his biological father wanting to connect with him, Cynthia settling into married life with Mike and them talking about purchasing a new home in Atlanta together, and Marlo inviting Falynn and Kenya to the opening of her high-end clothing boutique Le’Archive. Concerning the latter, Marlo and Kenya worked on strengthening their newly revived friendship and the former made a point to let Kenya know that LaToya had been talking about Kenya’s marital issues with some of the other women behind Kenya’s back.

(If you watched last week’s episode, you’d remember Shamea hosting “A Night in Neice” gathering at her home where LaToya told some of the bunch — Porsha and Drew included — that Kenya’s estranged husband Marc Daly had filed for divorce and was requesting alimony — all while Kenya wasn’t there to speak on the situation herself.)

Fast-forwarding back to this week’s episode at Falynn’s Halloween party, LaToya came in hot, to say the least. She started demanding that Falynn mix her a drink instead of going to mix one for herself like all of the other ladies in attendance did — then gave Falynn a backhanded compliment by saying something along the lines of “this is a lovely home — this is what marrying a 65-year-old gets you,” a shady reference to Falynn’s 56-year-old husband Simon.

For the record, Falynn is 31 and this isn’t the first time LaToya has come to her home and made a comment about her husband’s age. If you recall, the two newbies didn’t get off to the best start at all. In one of the earliest episodes of the season, Falynn invited some of the RHOA ladies to her home and LaToya made an unappreciated comment about how Falynn looked like the type of person who dates “older men with money.” Then, on the girl’s trip to South Carolina, LaToya made a major scene when Falynn showed up to the vacation later than the rest of the group and opted to stay in a neighboring rental with Simon instead of with them. According to her, Falynn should have left Simon at home and stayed with the ladies in the same house since the point of the trip was for all of the girls to bond.

All things considered — LaToya ruined the fun of Falynn’s Halloween party by her continuous decision to speak on other people’s marriages. Kenya (in her problematic Native American headdress and costume) confronted her about what Marlo had told her and LaToya proceeded to raise her voice and blatantly not take her seriously. As the night went on, her little comments about Falynn’s husband and marriage only escalated, and by the end of the episode, Falynn was so mad that she was being held back from going at LaToya with a golfing club. As you can imagine, it was a big vibe killer to say the least and the night was prematurely called to an end.

At this point, LaToya just seems like she just can’t be trusted by the other ladies in the group — or from the viewers’ perspective. Falynn finally had enough of the disrespectful things being said about her husband in their home — and keep in mind that she’s not the first person to give LaToya a strict warning about speaking on marriages that aren’t her own. Since Kenya’s talk with her didn’t go over well, it seems as though LaToya might have ruined her relationship with the last ally she had in the group. Porsha and Drew were already looking at her sideways for telling them Marc wanted alimony, and just a few episodes ago, Drew had to remind LaToya she’s “from Chicago b*tch” after the latter was talking mess about her marriage as well.

Clearly, despite a few of us still missing some of RHOA’s classic cast members, the messiness that we love most about the show hasn’t stopped. Season 13’s newbies have been playing a major role in keeping us interested and entertained — and after last night’s episode, it seems like there’s a lot more to shake out before this season is through.

See some of the best tweets from last night’s episode down below.

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