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As long-time fans know, Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton have had more than just a rocky relationship. After years of low-blows, petty beefs, and fragile reconciliations that never lasted, in a new preview for an upcoming episode, The Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies finally seem like they were able to genuinely hear each other out.

If you recall, the season 13 ladies are currently on a beachy getaway trip in South Carolina. Since Kenya organized the trip, as per her usual, she gave Marlo the worst room in the group’s vacation home. Even though there’s been lots of drama with the other ladies on the trip so far, viewers have still seen Marlo and Kenya find time to shadily interact with one another while all the ladies have been stuck under one roof.

Luckily though, in a clip of this week’s upcoming episode, mutual friend and castmate Cynthia Bailey was able to bring the two together for an honest moment to unpack all the issues between them.

“I’m just tired of the ugliness of it all,” Kenya said to Marlo. “It’s not where I wanted to be with you but I’ve got to look at what you do. Forget about the petty stuff, I can take the stuff about my skin, my whatever — but you attack me on the deepest level.” Referencing a painful jab Marlo had made in season 9 about the estranged relationship Kenya has with her mother, the Gone With The Wind Fabulous diva continued, “What you said about my mom, you already know that was well below the belt.”

“And then with my baby,” Kenya added. “You know I have waited my entire life to have a baby. For you to make these comments like I could be faking a pregnancy test — and then when you saw me pregnant,” she referenced back to season 11 when Marlo distastefully gagged when she saw her, “It was like why, I’m pregnant — can you just be happy for me? Whatever happened in the past we could’ve started over then. For me, it’s like how can I ever like this woman when she doesn’t care for me at all.”

Sharing her side of things, Marlo responded, “When we were not friends I didn’t care about your feelings. It was just to hurt you. When you said that you were pregnant I was like ‘Chile please Kenya ain’t pregnant.’ That was awful but I wasn’t in the place where I’m at now. The place where I’m at now it’s like ‘Hey’ — me looking you dead in your eyes and I’m like I apologize for anything bad that I’ve ever said about you, that’s hurt you.”

After a short pause, Kenya surprisingly accepted Marlo’s apology and then offered one of her own. She said, “Okay well I appreciate that and I owe you an apology for putting you in the room that I put you in, and treating you the way that I did. Will you accept my apology?”

Optimistically, the clip ended with Marlo telling Kenya, “I appreciate you having respect and caring to ask me that, so absolutely I will.”

Overall, the heart-to-heart between the women seemed really genuine. That being said, knowing how petty the both of them are, it still seems too early to assume the kindness between them has been long-lasting. Do you think the two were being honest about ending the drama between them for good? The full clip can be watched here.

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