10 Products That Make Gluten-Free Living Less Complicated

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gluten-free products

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Forbes reports that over three million Americans follow a gluten-free diet, and only about 28 percent of them actually (likely) have any sort of gluten sensitivity. Whether they need to or not, a lot of people are trying to avoid the dreaded G-word ingredient. While the benefits of a gluten-free diet for those who don’t suffer from gluten sensitivity haven’t been confirmed, it can certainly be a way to diversify our eating habits and work more healthy alternatives into our menus. We can fall into the habit of sticking to just a handful of carb options like bread and pasta. Going gluten-free provides an opportunity to discover delicious gluten-free grains, many of which were long overlooked before gluten-free eating became a thing.

Feeling better might be something you anticipate with a gluten-free diet, but the difficulty of making your favorite foods…not so much. Many people are shocked by how hard it is to follow a genuinely gluten-free diet. They don’t realize how many foods gluten is hiding in. They may think of the obvious culprits like bread and pasta, only realizing how many other dishes contain gluten when it’s time to make a meal. You don’t want to get stuck without the ingredients you need to make a lot of foods you love. So we compiled a list of products that make gluten-free living far less complicated.

gluten-free products

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Dr. Schar white bread

If you’re new to this way of living and eating, one of your first heartbreaks might come from trying the many bad gluten-free breads out there. They’re either too dense, crumble in your hands, so chewy it seems like they aren’t thoroughly cooked, or too dry. Many companies try to make a good gluten-free bread that feels fluffy without being chewy, and is firm enough to spread cream cheese or peanut butter on without falling apart. Most fail. Dr. Schar’s white bread succeeds. I’ve tried over 15 varieties of gluten-free bread and this came the closest to regular gluten white bread. It supports over-stuffed sandwiches well and stands up to toasting.

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