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gifts for a healthy lifestyle

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The holidays can be a challenging time for those who are trying to eat healthier. Even though due to the pandemic, we may not be attending the usual holiday parties filled with trays of cookies and puff pastries this year, there’s still a good chance you’ll receive some caloric gifts from loved ones. Perhaps the chance for sugary presents is higher than ever because gifting food is a way to feel close to loved ones when you can’t physically gather. But if you have a loved one who is trying to eat healthier, you can provide a nice break from all the goodies that are counteractive to their goals, by giving a gift that actually helps one eat better.

Keeping in mind that so many individuals are isolated right now, the urge to comfort oneself with unhealthy foods is probably strong, adding to the already difficult challenge of eating better. A friend or family member who is working hard to prepare more nutritious meals will appreciate your show of support when you choose a gift that helps them in their goals. And like with any goal, whether it’s budgeting, getting organized, or losing weight, having the right tools can increase the chances of success. Here are great gifts for someone who is trying to eat healthier.

Home Kombucha kit

Kombucha is loaded with probiotics that promote better gut bacteria overall and healthy gut bacteria has been linked to better appetite control. Kombucha is also a tasty, low-calorie drink that’s ideal for those trying to stay hydrated on their weight loss journey, but get tired of plain old water quickly. Unfortunately, buying the stuff bottled gets expensive. The Kombucha Shop Starter Kit contains everything you need to make your own fizzy probiotic beverage at home, including the complicated gear like the temperature gauge and Ph test strips, as well as ingredients like the cane sugar and loose leaf tea.


escali primo food scale

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A kitchen scale

Those following a strict diet are likely measuring out every single thing they eat, from ounces of cereal to cups of frozen berries. If their success depends on accurately measuring their portions, they won’t be able to eyeball it – who even knows what three tablespoons looks like? A kitchen scale will help them stay on track. The Escali Primo Digital Scale has an easy two-button operation, lets you deduct the weight of food containers, and has auto-shutoff to save battery life.

olive oil gift set from Williams-Sonoma

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An olive oil set

If your loved one plans on cooking more at home, it’s a good time to switch them from oils full of saturated fats over to healthy ones loaded with monounsaturated fats, like olive oil. The polyphenols in it have been linked to a number of health benefits, including slowing degenerative diseases. This infused oil gift set from Williams-Sonoma contains blood orange-, roasted garlic-, aromatic basil-, and white truffle-infused olive oil, for a set that can help the home chef craft marinades, whip up salad dressings, and make delicious roasted vegetables.

potted herb kit from Urban Leaf

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A windowsill garden

Herbs provide a healthy way to add flavor to food without hitting the salt too hard. They also add some cheerful color to your windowsill when planted in a small herb garden, and might inspire you to make fresh choices. This kit from Urban Leaf contains basil, cilantro, and parsley, only requires watering two to three times a week and is quite budget-friendly at $26.


A personal shopping cart

Doing more shopping at the Farmer’s Market is a great way to pick up more fresh produce and whole foods instead of packaged and processed goods from the grocery store. But, Farmer’s Markets don’t offer grocery carts, which can make them a pain to navigate, especially when you’re buying a lot of stuff. The Scout Cart has two baskets, oversized wheels, a comfortable handle, and a parking brake.

infusing water bottle from uncommon goods

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Infusing water bottle

John Hopkins University reports that thirst is often mistaken for hunger pangs, and as such, staying hydrated can be an important part of preventing overeating. Those trying to lose weight are typically avoiding the usual tasty beverages like juice and soda, but water gets boring, quickly. This Press & Infuse water bottle from Uncommon Goods has a chamber that holds and presses your favorite fruits, releasing fresh fruit particles into your water for a burst of flavor.


A meal prep subscription

If your friend is trying to eat healthier, hopes to eat most meals at home (rather than getting takeout), but is too busy to grocery shop, prep food, or cook with any regularity, buy her a subscription to a meal prep or delivery service. They range from ones that deliver just the plain groceries, to ones that chop things in advance, to ones that deliver ready-made meals. We covered some of the top ones, and all of their features, here.

spice set from savory spice shop

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A comprehensive set of seasonings

Excess sodium consumption can cause hypertension – something that African Americans suffer from more than nearly any group in the world. If you can help your friend consume less salt, you can help her waistline and her overall health. Of course, finding healthier ways to add flavor to food is an excellent start, so get her a comprehensive seasoning kit like this one from Savory Spice Shop. It contains a good array of seasonings for several types of cuisines, like Chinese Five Spice, lemon curry, and chimichurri, so your friend can get started on making new meals, that won’t lack flavor.


my wellness journal

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A food journal

If your friend needs more insight into her own eating habits so she can learn things like, what events trigger emotional eating or how much of one food she consumes each week, a food journal can be a great tool. We go over ways to make the most of it here. The My Wellness Journal from Papier has you track your sleep, meals, and self-care time.

veggie spiralizer

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A spiralizer

If your loved one has a weakness for pasta and a hate/hate relationship with vegetables, a spiralizer can be an important tool right now. It can help turn squash into spaghetti squash, so carb lovers can trick themselves into feeling like they’re enjoying a bowl of fettucine when it’s really all veggies.  The Paderno 3 Blade Spiralizer has strong stainless steel blades and suction feet to keep it in place while you’re working. Its three blade attachments help you create different sizes of spirals to suit various recipes.

Portion control plate

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Portion control plates

In addition to a kitchen scale, portion control plates can also help those who are keeping a close eye on how much they eat of everything. Though this plate from Positive Promotions is designed for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes, it can be useful for anyone trying to eat healthier, with an included guide on how much of each food group to consume each day, and how to interpret food labels.

Joy of sleep sleep kit

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A sleep aid kit

Not sleeping enough can alter hormones that directly relate to appetite control, causing the sleep-deprived to overeat. That means that a good night’s rest is an important thing for anyone on a weight loss journey, and a gift that helps them get one will be appreciated. The Joy Of Sleep Gift Set from Equilibria contains an eye mask, a mineral soap, CBD soft gels, and CBD drops to promote a restful night’s sleep.

frozen yogurt machine

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A frozen yogurt machine

If your friend’s soft spot is soft serve, then she may need a healthier way to satisfy her sweet tooth at this time. The Cuisinart 1.5-quart soft serve and sorbet maker lets users make healthy frozen treats at home. It’s fully automatic, so once you add your ingredients like low-fat yogurt and frozen fruit, the machine will do the rest.

Healthier flours

Muffins, homemade pizza, homemade pasta—all of these things can be a little more acceptable when on a diet, if they’re made with alternative flours. White flour doesn’t provide much nutrition, but flours such as almond or brown rice flour offer fiber for blood sugar regulation and to keep you full. Thrive Market has a line of organic gluten-free flours like sorghum, quinoa, and cassava, so you can put together a sample gift basket.

fruit bowl from

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Fruit bowls

If healthy snacks like whole fruits are kept within view, there may be a better chance your loved one snacks on them. That’s why a few beautiful, quality fruit bowls could make great gifts, because, in addition to keeping those apples and bananas where your friend can easily grab them, they also act as decorative items. This bowl from Uncommon Goods has a banana hook, a glass bowl, and a platform that doubles as a lid.


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