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Karen is not into Miles, chile.

I’ve been quietly sitting back watching this season of Married at First Sight, waiting for her to show the same type of enthusiasm that Miles has tried to exhibit in their marriage in the hopes of making it work. It’s not happening. I don’t care how well they communicate issues they have or how much they like cooking together, if a person knows your love language and seemingly can’t show you affection in that way, it’s because they don’t want to do everything to make things work.

I come to this conclusion because this is the longest MAFS season yet, spanning four months as opposed to the usual eight weeks due to the pandemic turning things upside down. While COVID-19 has brought the stronger couples closer (Amelia and Bennett, Woody and Amani) and made the weaker couples fall apart (Christina and Henry, Brett and Olivia), Miles and Karen have remained stagnant. It’s understandable that she may not be comfortable to have sex with him just yet, but she won’t even initiate holding the man’s hand. She won’t kiss him unless he goes in for it. I haven’t seen a back rub or anything. As witnessed on camera during the pandemic, she won’t even let him cuddle close to her on the couch.

She knows that he feels loved and appreciated through physical touch, and yet, she still won’t consistently do the small things after four months to let him know they are on the same page.

Now, that doesn’t mean Karen recoils at his touch or simply can’t stand him, but I’m telling you, she’s not into him. There’s rarely enthusiasm in her voice when she talks to him. He pointed out that she’s not excited to see him when she comes home. And even when he asked her how she felt about being quarantined with him during lockdown in New Orleans, she joked that she was glad they had an extra bedroom. It’s all too dry for me.

I think we just have to call a thing a thing. Karen was never able to get over the fact that she saw Miles’ Instagram page before they married and came to the conclusion that he wasn’t her type. She didn’t have to do all that, as she could have just known his name but gone through the process open-minded like everyone else. She did went down the rabbit hole though, and now there is block there where she continues to consider him not the manly man she’s used to, and says he’s trying to play Mr. Nice Guy too much. However, that genuinely seems to be who he is.

Miles genuinely cares about Karen’s feelings and listens to what she says so that he can support and encourage her. That’s likely why he knew so much about her during the Stranger Spouse game. It’s also why he doesn’t hound her about the lack of affection she shows him, worried that it might make her feel pressured and even less interested in intimacy, instead opting to share his true feelings with Woody. But for all of his effort, it feels like Karen has less and less to give. I think she listens to him as well, but that’s what makes her lack of action so jarring. She was trying earlier in the season when she wasn’t afraid to kiss him in front of friends, and when she took him to get a massage, but I understand that the pandemic and essential worker depletion during it all can just kill one’s mood. Still, he was literally reaching out to her for something during this time (we literally watched him try to touch her while she’s sitting far away from him on the couch), and she hasn’t had much to give. The longer they play this game, the worse I think it could really be on Miles’ mental and emotional health.

Nevertheless, I don’t see either one of them saying on Decision Day that they want a divorce. I can instead see them wanting to give it a go independently. Perhaps Karen will be more open, particularly about intimacy, when the cameras are no longer around and she won’t have to talk about her sex life on national television. But in the long-term, do I see him being the one for her? No. I’d love for Karen to prove me wrong, but if in four months they haven’t grown closer and nothing about him makes her giddy, I don’t see them doing anything but a slow walk to an inevitable split.

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