The Shady Bunch: Porsha Dragged Eva To Hell And 9 Other Messy Moments From The RHOA Reunion Part I

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Part I of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 reunion aired on Mother’s Day, and it was evident who was running thing — Porsha Williams. While all of of the women came for one another, Porsha, whose cup stayed full, kept her reads and comebacks ready for any and everyone who came at her the wrong way, especially Eva Marcille.

Overall, the reunion was quite entertaining. If you wondered whether or not the women could still go toe-to-toe with one another in a virtual setting, they proved they could. In fact, we would say that not being right in front of each other physically emboldened the ladies even more to speak up. Check out the top 10 messy moments from Part I of the reunion, in no particular order, and let us know who you think made off with whose wig.

Porsha Vs. Eva (and Her Breasts) Part I

Porsha spent much of the reunion cursing out Eva Marcille. She started early when Eva jumped in a back and forth between NeNe Leaves and Kenya Moore. When Eva tried to come for NeNe’s finances because she felt everyone was so invested in hers, Porsha told her to stick to talking about serving face, mocking the model’s facial expressions. When that turned into a back and forth between Eva and Porsha, with Eva calling Porsha an “aged hen,” Porsha shot back, “Them titties is aged hens. They’re social distancing…”

Jaws collectively dropped.

Did Kenya Turn on Cynthia? Porsha Has the Receipts.

So the receipts offered in part I came both in verbal and text form. Kenya claimed that NeNe told she and Cynthia years ago that she wasn’t happy with Porsha doing Celebrity Apprentice and asked the ladies what they were going to do about it. That was word of mouth. But Porsha had something more tangible and believable in the form of a text message that she claimed showed Kenya claiming she wanted to take down Cynthia in Season 12, and was sent months ago. People have said all season long that they felt that Kenya wasn’t being a good friend to Cynthia on purpose, giving her a hint about Mike Hill’s proposal and shading her winery business. But did she actually plot against Cynthia and tell other people about it? Only Cynthia and host Andy Cohen can confirm or deny that because Porsha only sent said text from Kenya to them. Stay tuned…

Kandi Passionately Goes After NeNe and Her Apology Tour

Kandi was the bone collector this season, not really having drama with the ladies this time around, instead, spilling tea on other people’s drama. However, by the time the last few episodes of Season 12 were airing, she and NeNe were going at it off-camera and online, with NeNe saying Kandi was always trying to come for her. While that may have been in question early on, Kandi certainly made it clear she wasn’t a fan of NeNe during the reunion. One thing Kandi took issue with was that of all the women NeNe sought to make amends with this season, she thought it mighty fake that Porsha and NeNe were able to have a tearful “Come to Jesus” moment after how against such an idea Porsha had seemed most of the season due to the treatment NeNe handed her at the end of her pregnancy. Still, their conversation seemed genuine, as did the tears, so it was interesting that Kandi was so bothered by the two reuniting (not so surprising with Kenya, as she openly can’t stand NeNe), specifically requiring an explanation as to why Porsha said life had been hard without her “big sis.” NeNe called Kandi a hater, which she disagreed that she was, but the Internet agreed with NeNe.

Eva Believes She Has Every Right to Call Folks “Nappy Heads” As a Black Woman

When it was time to address her comments about Porsha and Kenya being “lil nappy heads,” Eva said “one can not tell me how to speak about the culture that I am in.” She questioned the other ladies in an attempt to dare them to claim they hadn’t said something about someone being “nappy headed” before. Kenya responded, kindly might we point out, by letting her know that she just needed to be more sensitive when it came to such commentary. As a light-skinned woman with straight hair and light eyes, she needed to be aware that it could be deemed offensive. It was the only moment where just about all of the women could agree (with a nod of the head at least) on something.

NeNe Lets Eva Have It

NeNe had a very hard time dealing with the jabs from her co-stars, which we’ll talk about further later in this slideshow. Nevertheless, one person she handled with true fire was, yes, Eva. As previously mentioned, when Eva jumped in an early back and forth between Kenya and NeNe, the latter let her have it.

She told her that nobody cares about her winning Top Model 17 years ago because “You didn’t save $17 dollars.” She also said her win on the controversial reality competition was the last time Eva was on top.

“Go back to LA and and lick the bottom,” she said. “You were out there licking bottoms to stay on top!”

Whew! She did warn her that it wasn’t her fight to jump in…


Kenya Calls NeNe a White Woman In Drag

We only got a slight glimpse at the reads Kenya has in her arsenal for the ladies. One she did let fly was a comment about NeNe looking like a Caucasian woman that was pretty cold blooded (I blame the makeup, which was much lighter than her chest).

“You over there looking like a white woman in drag,” she said. “I don’t know if I’m looking at the Real Housewives reunion or a scene from White Chicks.”

NeNe Shuts Down

While it’s not uncommon for the women to interject on the issues of of their co-stars at the reunion, when it’s all happening over the computer at once, it is a lot (and loud). So at one point in the reunion, when she was sick of Eva interjecting and disappointed that Cynthia pointed out that claimed her relationship with Mike Hill was fake, NeNe said everyone wasn’t going to jump on her for a moment. To prove that point, she closed her laptop and proceeded to keep it shut for a while. She would eventually return, claiming she needed a bathroom break and to “change my tampon.”

Porsha Says She’ll Virtually Kick Eva’s A– Over Baby PJ

If you thought Porsha was upset with Eva during the season after finding out that the latter told her to focus on healing from her C-section and care for her daughter, who looks like “Dennis with a bow,” well, she took things up a notch at the reunion. Porsha went completely in on Eva, who contended that saying PJ looked like Dennis was not “coming” for her daughter. Porsha disagreed, saying she can’t read her by coming for her child. Porsha told her she would never forgive her and would “wop you upside your head about my child” if she kept talking about the one-year-old. Eva didn’t have a comeback.

Kandi Calls Out NeNe’s “Friendship” With Wendy Williams

We’re not sure why NeNe’s relationship with Wendy, which wasn’t really a part of Season 12, was a part of the reunion, but good points were made about it. It was pointed out that the ladies, Kenya and Kandi specifically, think NeNe and Wendy don’t have a real friendship. They pointed out that Wendy has said things about NeNe that if anybody else had said them, NeNe would have gone off about. However, as Kandi pointed out, she feels that NeNe is “strategic” in her friendships and that she knows the benefit Wendy is, as well as the platform the TV host has. Nene replied by saying she wasn’t going to discuss their friendship among the women on the show.

Kenya Defends Marc Despite His Texts With Another Woman

While Kenya seems confident that she and husband Marc Daly are on the up and up, lauding their virtual therapy sessions since they’re quarantined separately, she was questioned about some of his bad behavior. She said that she thinks it’s possible that he saw how poorly he was treating her on the show and realized that was not how he wanted to act, nor be perceived.

And while that sounded all good and dandy, when asked if her relationship issues were a form of karma for her treatment of other people’s relationships on the show, including Tanya Sam’s, Kenya said her situation was different because Marc wasn’t a cheater. However, she said herself during the season that she saw text messages Marc had with a woman, including about sex, and though he didn’t completely shut down such messages, which she was hurt by, Kenya didn’t consider his actions as cheating. Y’all know she’s not going anywhere…

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