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Kenya Moore Visits "Extra"

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Anyone who’s able to maintain a longstanding friendship with Kenya Moore is a saint because the pageant queen’s need to be the center of attention will almost always override her ability to be a good friend. Her most recent offense played out on Sunday night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” during the grand opening of The Bailey Wine Cellar.

Prior to Kenya’s arrival, Cynthia’s boyfriend, Mike Hill, hinted to Kandi that he would be popping the question when he asked her to “stick around.” Kandi excitedly obliged and even sent Kenya a text letting her know that it might be the big night for their mutual friend, adding that she should hurry so that she doesn’t miss the surprise proposal.

Kenya made sure she got there in time to catch the proposal. In fact, she wanted to make sure that she was the one who broke the news to Cynthia that her life was about to change — even before Mike. Within minutes of her arrival, she all but blurted out to Cynthia that she had knowledge of the upcoming proposal.

“So, all of his whole family is here?” Kenya asked after greeting Cynthia. “I’m telling you I feel like he might propose tonight.”

“No, you don’t think he’s going to do it tonight?” Cynthia replied. “I don’t think he’s going to do it tonight.”

Kenya, however, kept pressing: “I’m telling you my stomach has butterflies.”

Kandi, of course, was astonished by Kenya’s actions and was visibly agitated that she would try to steal the element of surprise and sabotage her so-called friend’s impending proposal.

“Why would you bring that up to her when you and I are talking on our own? That is not cool! Like, why would you do that?”

Although Kenya tried to mask her sabotage as “excitement for [her] friend,” most folks could see through the bull. She clearly had ulterior motives, but the why behind her boldness remained to be seen. Thankfully, Mike’s proposal went over without a hitch despite Kenya’s messy antics. And viewers didn’t have to wait long at all for Kenya to expose her hand. As it turns out, Marc left a lot to be desired when he proposed to her so she had to sabotage her friend’s big moment as a result.

The revelation came the following day, during a triple date with Kenya, Marc, Mike, Cynthia, Kandi, and Todd. During talk of Mike’s recent proposal, Kenya wasted no time sharing that she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way that Marc asked for her hand in marriage. According to the couple’s retelling of the proposal, it was low-key and unromantic. Apparently, it left so much to be desired that despite her marriage being on the rocks at the time of filming, Kenya was still asking for a redo — especially now that she saw Cynthia’s proposal unfold so beautifully.

“I was just telling him I need a do-over,” Kenya said during the dinner date. “I was just telling him [Marc] how he [Mike] got on one knee and it was a well-thought-out proposal.”

For starters, the proposal took place in the middle of the night at Marc’s home in New York. Some may find beauty in the spontaneity of it all. Kenya, however, did not.

“She flew into New York. I think she was working. It was late at night. She woke me up. I was sleeping. I walked in the door and I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ I didn’t know you were coming.” Marc explained. “So I ran inside and grabbed the ring and ran back outside.”

Additionally, he did not drop down on one knee or even utter the words, “Will you marry me?” Instead, he said, “Look who’s official now.”

“That was his proposal,” Kenya chimed in. “And he did not get on his knee.”

Marc, however, insists that he made up for his lackluster proposal by being extremely romantic on their wedding day. Regardless of how her proposal went down, a true friend is able to be happy for her girl — even when she feels that her girl is being blessed with something that she desires for herself. Kenya’s self-centered nature prevented her from being happy for Cynthia during that moment and as a result, she almost ruined it. With friends like Kenya, who needs enemies?


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