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It’s everyone’s most and least favorite subject. Dropping kids off in the pool. Going number two. Handling business. Seeing a man about a horse. Having a constitutional. The idioms go on and on. We are talking about pooping. Nobody wants to talk about it but also everybody wants to talk about it. We all feel so much better after going, don’t we? You feel light on your feet. You feel thinner. You feel healthier. You feel like you’ve literally flushed out yesterday’s toxins while also figuratively doing so. Even though people may be shy about this matter, it’s interesting how everyone’s ears perk up the moment one not-so-shy individual has something to say about it. Everybody wants to know about everyone else: how often are they going? What helps them go? What makes it difficult? What’s normal?


If you’re a bit backed up, it’s almost all you can think about, right? I know that’s the case for me. It’s one of the first things I bring up to a doctor at my checkup. When I’m constipated, my mind is only halfway on whatever it’s supposed to be on, and halfway on my next BM. When will it happen? Will I be near a bathroom? How can I help this along? What did I do wrong to deserve this degree of constipation? I’ll start cursing everything I ate the day before, vowing to never touch any of it. But…that’s not right. Some of that stuff was good for me! Like fiber-heavy cereal and fruits. But I’ll quickly turn on anything that I think causes a backup.


One majorly helpful way to get on track with your poops is to have them in the morning. It can alleviate a lot of the difficulty and stress around this activity. Here’s a look at morning poops: why they’re important and how to have them.


Your body is relaxed

Right when you wake up in the morning, your body is relaxed. You’ve been sleeping. That means your intestines have also been resting. When your body feels at ease, it’s easier to have a bowl movement—much easier than, say, after reading a stressful email that makes your body tense up.

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