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Not to condone slacking off on important health habits, but I think we all take a little comfort in knowing that we aren’t the only ones who aren’t perfect at something. You aren’t lazy. You aren’t irresponsible. You aren’t a monster. You aren’t immature. You’re just busy, like everyone else! You have higher goals beyond keeping your immunity up and your weight in check. That’s a part of being a person: we are emotional and intelligent beings who have many more aspirations beyond just staying healthy and alive. That being said…we do need to stay both healthy and alive if we’re going to write that book, take that trip around the world, start that non-profit, choreograph that dance, volunteer at that dog shelter, teach our children a second language, and all of the wonderful, enriching things we’d like to do. We have nothing without our health. We always realize that when our health goes. Like when a flu means you have to cancel that dinner party you’ve been planning for months or ask your coworker to take over giving the presentation you so pain stakingly prepared. That’s when we realize that, whoops, we don’t get to ignore our health forever. But I get it: doing all of the little things we are to do every day or week or quarter or even year to keep our bodies moving like well-oiled machines isn’t easy or convenient. We don’t make time for them the way we do for, say, drinks with friends or a trip to that store that’s having a BOGO sale. So next time you’re making that little mistake you make with your health, know that eight other people on the block are too. No, wait, correction: most of your neighbors are. Here are health habits we all slack off on.

healthy habits living

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Taking all those vitamins

Fish oil. A multi-vitamin. An iron supplement. Vitamin C. A magnesium-calcium complex. Those are all of the vitamins I take. The fish oil must be taken three times a day. I do the best I can but, we all know how it is: you’re running out the door, and don’t have it in you to uncap all of those child-proof jars to get out each and every vitamin. Your bladder is also quite full from all the coffee you consumed, so drinking a glass of water to get down all of those vitamins doesn’t sound appealing.

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