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Nobody wants to talk about it, but like with any health topic, talking about it can help you learn what’s normal and what’s abnormal—what’s a cause for concern and what’s a little common flare up. We’re talking about dropping the kids off at school. Having a meeting with a man about a horse. Going number two or whatever you like to call it. So many people have irregular or unhealthy bowel movements, and they just don’t know it because they either A) Don’t want to talk about it or B) Don’t quite know how to explain it to their doctor. And a decent amount of Americans are constipated, suffer from diarrhea or have some untreated digestive health issues that can be spotted in their bowel movements. While some of these issues should be treated by a doctor, many are just the result of our bathroom habits. Here are mistakes you’re making when going number two.

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Assuming you’re done

Your intestines are very long and windy. They’re not straight pipes that run from your mouth to your anus. For that reason, your bowels will often move in shifts. Once a bowel movement has begun, a small amount of stool may come out, then it could stop. But that doesn’t mean it’s over—it just means some is still working its way around those windy intestines. If your bowels still feel full, don’t walk away from the toilet just because nothing else is coming out. Have patience.






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