True Life: If I Could Say Anything to My First Love, I’d Say…

March 5, 2012  |  
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We really do enjoy communicating with our Facebook and Twitter (@MadameNoire) followers. We know we can always count on you guys and gals for a laugh (or an argument). So when we came up with this idea of things we’d like to say to our first loves, we figured you ladies would be the best people to ask. Check out some of the more entertaining responses below:

Mika: I’ll tell him I’ll always hold a space in my heart for him because I REALLY LOVE him!!!

Mommy Needs Alcohol: Can you bring some baby wipes when you come home we’re low

April: Aren’t you glad you married me?! lol…

Christine: Take a look at what your missing – you won’t get a whiff of this again! ha ha ha!!

Renee: I would say i am sorry for pushing so hard and although we will never be even friends again, i hope there is no resentment(yeah i was slightly stalkerish, not my best moment).

Alexandria: damn, i would have to tell i love him, and i neva stopped!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: You bent me but you didnt break me! Oh and your son has grown up nothing like u! Thank God!

Erica : I would say Hi!I still speak to mine! Been friends since the sixth grade, dated in high school & afterwards off and on for several years. We’re just better off as friends. Good guy. Just not for me.

Odetta: It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Thank you for my first life lesson in love.

Alexis: I want you instead of the piece of Shyte I’m with now!

Nikia: Thank you for making me understand that settling for you would have been a real mistake.

Doretta: Where is my money?

Nakia: I still Love U !!! RIP!!

Avionne: I still speak to my first love. When we do discuss the past, I tell him, “Thank you for the lessons you taught me. Even though I was very hurt, I’m happy you treated me like you did because it taught me to love myself more and never to love blindly. That was the best thing you ever did for me. Hubby and I thank you.”

Ulanda: I would of loved u forever..but u wasnt ready for this..

Eldra: U set the bar so high, that no one after u has reached it. U were my best friend..i really loved u, still do. U will always have a place in my heart.

Kimmy: You’re still able to walk??? I need a bigger voo doo doll!!

AngelBabygirl: ‎”I heard about ur AIDS…..guess I dodged that bullet huh?” Then we’d laugh nervously.

Arrianna: You couldn’t keep it in your pants, and now you have 12 kids! How’s that working for ya? Lol

@Haley, duh: ‏b!tch you fell off!

Diane: whenever he show up… I’d tell him… I been waitin for a man like you, to come into my life… yeahhhh waitinnn

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