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Love and Marriage Huntsville took a mid-season hiatus in July. In true Beyoncé fashion, the southern socialites surprised us with a brand new season. Judging from the cast’s social media accounts, season 5 will be a wild ride. The tea has been boiling over down in Alabama and we can’t wait to take a sip.

Let’s talk about episodes 1 and 2.

Louis and Tiffany 


The Whitlows, the Scotts and the Scotts head to Tennessee for a couples retreat with marriage counselor Dr. Francis. When Tiffany excuses herself to take a work call, Dr. Francis questions her commitment to her marriage. Tiffany immediately becomes defensive. Her hubby Louis also gets defensive when the doctor accuses the couple of being disingenuous. He is not the first one to make this observation about the Whitlows. The couple is united in their combativeness which made for an unproductive therapy session. Both Scott couples seemed to take pleasure in seeing the Whitlows in the hot seat, especially Marsau who added fuel to the fire with his shady quips. Dr. Francis should’ve intervened. However, in episode 2, we finally got a glimpse of the real Louis Whitlow when he broke into tears while talking about his relationship with his father. 


Kimmy and Maurice


When the couple sits down with Dr. Francis, Maurice states his grievances with his wife. He wants to have sex daily, preferably twice a day. Can someone say urinary tract infection? When Dr. Francis tells him this is excessive, it’s Maurice’s turn to get defensive.

Kimmy says she is too exhausted for adult play.  According to Sis, Maurice sees domestic work as “woman’s work,” therefore he will not chip in on the household duties. So, Kimmy is expected to work a full-time job, parent their children, cook, clean, wash his funky drawers and bust it wide open every night? Chile please. If brotherman wants a little more punanny, he should let go of some of his archaic self-serving ideologies, wash some dishes and treat his wife like a human being. Love and marriage in Huntsville, Alabama is whew. 


Letica and Marsau


Leticia is pensive because she just learned one of her college friends suddenly passed away. Our regards to Latisha and the deceased one’s family. 

In their session with Dr. Francis, Marceau does what he does best—deflect. He attempts to talk about the Whitlows. The good doctor peeps game and redirects the conversation. When he asked how the couple’s marriage was going, Marsau blamed “outside influences” for their marital problems. If he wasn’t constantly disrespecting his wife right before our eyes, these outside influences wouldn’t have much to talk about. The sketchy husband says he doesn’t make decisions without consulting with his wife. Dr. Francis called bullshit and we concur.

Afterall, this is the same man who took a whole solo trip to Africa without telling his wife. 

Although Latisha seems to be consistently sad and frustrated with her husband’s antics, she claims to be happy with the man “God blessed her with.”  

She told Dr. Francis  she is “obedient” and “submissive” to her husband, and she will not allow others to interfere with her union. As the African American proverb says: if she likes it, we love it. That love and marriage in Huntsville, Alabama is a trip  


Melody and Martell


Melody meets with her ex mother-in-law Marlene.  The mother of four heard that her ex’s mother called her “lazy” for asking Martell to help around the house. Mama Marlene expressed her disapproval of Melody relying on her husband to take on some household responsibilities. Was she annoyed that her son was a present husband and father? Make it make sense. Melody Holt was the brains and the muscle behind the family businesses. She continued to build an empire while dealing with the stress and embarrassment of Martell’s habitual cheating, emotional abuse and empty promises to get his shit together. Martell, the children, Ms. Marlene and Martell’s side chick benefitted from Melody’s labor. The least he could do is scramble some eggs for his kids before dropping them off at school. 

The two women decided to bury the hatchet for the sake of the children. Later, Mama Marlene meets with her son and shares the good news. She then goes on to give him accolades for doing what was asked of him while he was married—except for keeping his penis in his pants.  

Welp, we know where Martel got his audacity from.

Love and Marriage Huntsville airs on Saturdays at 8pm on the OWN network.

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