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We’ve reached the tail end of season nine of 90 Day Fiancé and couples are either making their way to the altar or to the airport. We prefer the latter for most of them. The current episode is exhausting to say the least and attempts to teach women a few things

  • Lesson #1: Women should submit to their men—even when said man is ignoring her needs and disrespecting her in the most egregious ways.   
  • Lesson #2: Men are the head of the household—even if he doesn’t have a house to hold. Episode 15 of 90 Day Fiancé seemed to be taken straight out of the pages of a manosphere podcast. 


Emily and Kobe

Since his homeboy Temperature has arrived, Kobe is the happiest we have seen him all season. The two old friends are speaking in pidgin as Emily tries to ear-hustle. She eventually butts in to ask what they are saying before insisting they speak English. The friends oblige her for the moment but eventually their conversation seemed to naturally flow into a beautiful linguistic dance between English and West African dialect. Once again, Emily demanded English only. While some may consider it rude to speak another language in front of someone who doesn’t understand the language, it was obvious the friends were not intentionally trying to exclude her with the occasional pidgin phrase. It’s also unsettling that Emily has chosen to marry and procreate with a Cameroonian man, yet she is both annoyed and dismissive of every aspect of his culture.

Temperature thinks Kobe is being too “lenient” with his 90-day fiancé. Temp advises his friend to take his rightful place on his throne as the King of her parent’s basement. Temp oversteps his bounds by suggesting to Emily that she and Kobe should move to Columbus, Ohio so they can be near the African community. The bride-to-be is surprised to hear this, especially since her baby daddy never uttered a word about Ohio. When she asked him if he wanted to move, Kobe was a silent deer in the headlights. Emily became more enraged when Temp accidentally mentioned her pregnancy after she told Kobe not to share the news with anyone. Temp is out here advising folks to control their women, when he hasn’t learned to control his diarrhea of the mouth—make it make sense.


Miona and Jibri 

It’s moving day for the couple. They will drive to Joshua Tree, California where they have secured a rental property that will serve as both their temporary living quarters and wedding venue. Mama Mahala describes her son as “impulsive” and she is deeply concerned about how this move and the marriage will impact him. Mama Mahala should be concerned. The couple is moving to the 3rd most expensive state in the country without a plan or a stable source of income. But the mother embraces her son, half-hugs his 90-day fiancé and wishes them well. In true Miona and Jibri fashion, they drive off into the moonlight, dressed in matching hot pink bubble coats. 


Shaeeda and Bilal

The wedding is a few days away and the prenup has yet to be signed. Shaeeda is unsure if she will move forward with the marriage. She decides to seek advice from a married woman. Sis could have spoken to her own mother or her slew of married sisters, but instead she turns to Bilal’s mother. Mama Halalah refers to Islamic teachings to advise her future daughter-law to allow Bilal to lead. The sweet elder believes wives can “lead from behind” but they should submit to their husband’s will. Shaeeda believes the prenup is an indication Bilal doesn’t trust her. Mama Halalah mansplains on her son’s behalf by saying he’s protecting himself because he’s been hurt before. Bilal has every right to protect himself but Shaeeda should be able to do the same. Furthermore, allowing a man to “lead” should not mean a woman should have to sacrifice her desires and mental safety.  

Shaeeda agrees to sign the prenup in the name of “submission.” When Bilal hears this, he miraculously decides to add a clause that would protect Shaeeda’s business assets if they were to divorce— although he was strongly opposed to this in last week’s episode. Bilal also agreed to have children before his future wife’s 40th birthday. But he did remind Shaeeda that mother nature may have other plans. We hope Bilal doesn’t cosplay as mother nature. Shaeeda believes her submissiveness allowed her to get what she wanted. So contrarian Bilal suddenly turns a new leaf because Shaeeda stopped standing up for herself? Y’all this storyline is starting to smell like bullshit. 

90 Day Fiancé returns to TLC on Sunday, August 31 at 8 PM EST.

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