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In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé meddling runs amuck. When two people decide to get married, they are also entering into a union with their partner’s family.  Friends and family can often play a pivotal role in the success or demise of that partnership. The latter occurs when outside parties insert themselves into their loved ones’ relationship. In episode 12, folks crip walked over boundaries and swerved into lanes where they didn’t belong. Some of the couples seemed to be missing their backbones and refused to put their folks in their places. Get into this recap.


Miona and Jibri 


Jibri meets with his cool ass grandmother. Like his parents, grandma Cheyne has noticed Jibri’s unhappiness and she is worried about him. But she also notices how her grand baby’s face light’s up when he talks about his fiancé. Jibri says he knows Miona has potential to be a successful entrepreneur because she has 30,000 Instagram followers—Lord help us. He goes on to tell Grandma he wants to “marry his music” but Miona is stifling his creativity by requiring too much of his time. Dressed in their signature matching outfits, the couple goes out for dinner. Jibri tells his fiancé that he needs space to work on his music. Miona agrees to give her man some space, but she will not acquiesce on her desires to have a California beach wedding. Jibri accuses Miona of not being able to compromise, but he is guilty of the same. 


Ari and Bini


Against Bini’s wishes, Ari’s ex-husband, Leandro comes to pick her up to help her shop for a wedding dress. The future bride cancels the shopping trip because she isn’t feeling well. The disrespectful ex-husband asks Ari when she had her last period. He then goes on to ask if the couple has been trying to get pregnant. Bini refused to answer these inappropriate questions but Leandro was relentless with his overstepping.  The ex-husband-turned bestie suggested he and Bini go to the drug store to purchase a pregnancy test. For reasons we will never understand, Bini agreed. When the nosey ex asked the future husband how many children he wanted, the MMA fighter said he wanted to have 10 little Bini’s. This is the moment when Ari realizes her ex-husband knows her better than her future husband. She didn’t have to say this aloud in front of Bini.  Ari says that neither she nor Bini are excited to get married. She also recognizes that aside from their son, the pair don’t have much in common. For the sake of everyone involved, these two would do better by discussing a co-parenting plan instead of a wedding. 


Shaeeda and Bilal  


Tension is high around the couples’ recent prenup discussion. The yogi extends the olive branch by inviting Bilal and his children to the back yard for a family yoga session. Bilal softens in the presence of his children, but as soon as they are out of earshot,  he goes back giving his lady the cold shoulder. 

Bilal’s ex-wife, Shahidah, meets with Shaeeda to discuss the couples’ pending prenuptial agreement. Ex-wifey claims she’s not minding her own damn business for the sake of her children—sis wants to make sure Shaeeda isn’t trying to snatch her children’s inheritance. Not only should this be a conversation she should be having with Bilal,her approach is all wrong. In contrast to Shaeeda’s kind disposition, Ex-wifey’s demeanor was curt and bordering on aggressive. 

The mother’s concerns about her children’s future are understandable, the way she spoke to their future stepmom was not. Ex-wifey reminded us that she has “history” with Bilal and Shaeeda is “new to this dynamic.” Although the wife-to-be kept her composure, the ex- seemed to proud that she “ruffled Shaeeda’s feathers.”  This unnecessary display of cattiness was odd to say the least. It’s important to Shaheeda to have a good relationship with Bilal’s ex but she shouldn’t have to accept abuse. Also, allowing others to treat you poorly in the name of “keeping the peace” often garners more disrespect. We want better for our Trinidadian sis. Bilal can easily put a stop to this—but given his track record, he probably won’t.

90 Day Fiancé will return to TLC on Sunday, July 10 at 8 PM EST. 

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