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Condola is the least favorite character of Insecure‘s last season. For those who were rooting for Lawrence and Issa’s love, Condola, who is played by Christina Elmore, and her pregnancy were an inconvenience that troubled a thriving relationship. In a recent interview with Insider, Elmore said she feels that backlash towards her character is a misogynistic response.

“I was very shocked by some fans’ reaction to Condola fighting to keep her pregnancy and to have a baby,” Elmore said. “It felt like people weren’t mad at Lawrence at all. So then that means that you’re not mad that there was a pregnancy, because if you were, then you need to be mad at both of them. It took two people to make a baby.”

Elmore added that such a response from the viewers was shocking to her.

“I was just so surprised about the inherent misogyny in being mad at a woman who did not cheat, who did not, in any way, violate Issa or Lawrence’s relationships,” she continued. “She was very honest about the whole thing.”

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In the latest episode titled “Pressure, Okay?!,” the focus was solely on Lawrence and Condola and the ups and downs of their co-parenting journey. If you watched season four, perhaps you remember that Condola told Lawrence he could be involved as little or as much as he wanted and that she didn’t need him. In this season’s episode two, he tries to be involved and Condola is irritated every step of the way. From not even alerting him when her water broke to not letting him have an overnight visit with his own child. She was being difficult and unfair. So of course, fans had more fury to spew towards her on social media. The dislike of Condola doesn’t seem to be rooted in any kind of hatred towards women. It comes from disappointment.

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Even if you aren’t team Issa and Lawrence, Lawrence still landed his dream job in San Francisco and now having a baby with someone he had no intentions of starting a family with complicates his life. He decided to be as present as he can be while also managing his career, and Condola is being passive aggressive by keeping him uninformed and uninvolved. She said she didn’t need him and she can’t admit that she actually does. Plus, for a generation that is very pro-choice, many fans feel that she made the decision to have a baby with someone she didn’t love and who didn’t love her and now she has to deal with what that reality looks like complaint-free because she had the power to make the choice to not have the baby at all.

Take a look at what Twitter had to say about Condola after the last episode.


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