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It is no secret that being single is expensive. Sure, if you’re single, you could have a roommate, but why should you have to share your space if you are a more solitary type? Single Black females are financially penalized. Yep, the wage gap makes solo living more difficult for Black women compared to men and white women. The American Association of University Women reports that it takes a Black woman 19 months to earn what a white man in the same position earns in 12 months. Life for single Black women is particularly pricey.

Finances aren’t the only concern for Black women living alone. Safety is also a major issue. Women are and always have been more at risk of being victims of crime, and Black women face the intersectional risk of intimidate partner and racially-charged crimes. It leaves a critical question unanswered: where in the world can Black women live? Here are the top U.S. cities for Black women to live affordably and safely.


Augusta, GA

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Augusta, Georgia is a vibrant and diverse city. In fact, 21.6 percent of the state’s businesses are minority-owned, and that is reflected in the bustling Black-owned business scene in Augusta. It’s one of the top cities for Black women entrepreneurs. Just a two-hour drive from Atlanta, Augusta has everything one could need from a city including a nationally-recognized culinary scene, plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces like the Augusta River Walk along the Savannah River and lots of museums. The area has a low rate of serious crimes and its metropolitan area has a lower crime rate than the national average. It’s also quite affordable. According to Living Wage, a single individual can live on about $30,000 a year after taxes here.

Average cost of a house: $169,707

Average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $950


Grand Prairie, Texas

Entrance to Quick Trip Park in Grand Prairie, TX; home of the Air Hogs minor league baseball team ca. 2019

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Grand Prairie, Texas is a highly diverse area with 21.3 percent of the residents identifying as Black. It’s just a six-mile drive from Dallas and 37 miles from Fort Worth, putting it in close proximity to an international airport and great for those who like to jet off regularly.

As a whole, Grand Prairie has a crime rate that is lower than all of Texas’ and the national average. Like many cities, it has its “bad” areas, however, there are several neighborhoods where residents feel safe and enjoy a welcoming environment. Highland Park is one of the most desirable suburbs, but those looking for something quite affordable should check out Keller, which has a low cost of living and low crime rate, as well as Flower Mound, which is also very safe, affordable and has great shopping.

Average cost of a house: $341,844

Average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $1,413


Lansing, MI

Grand River to the Capitol - Lansing, Michigan

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Lansing, Michigan is particularly good for women living alone because it has a lower crime rate than the majority of other cities in the state. It is just an hour and a half drive from metropolitan Detroit for those craving a bigger city feel. It’s also quite diverse, and 23.37 percent of Lansing residents are Black.

Single women can enjoy that this area has big-city offerings with a small town feel. There are plenty of beautiful parks, museums, art galleries, restaurants and shopping spots. Plus, plenty of big sporting events happen in the area.

Average cost of a house: $143,955

Average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $750


Baltimore, MD

Downtown Baltimore is one of the best cities for Black women

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Baltimore is an excellent location for Black female entrepreneurs as 47 percent of businesses here are Black-owned, says the Baltimore Sun. As a whole, Maryland is a state with one of the highest number of Black-owned businesses. Meanwhile, the cost of living in Baltimore is lower than the U.S. national average and Maryland as a whole. Plus, it’s just a one-hour drive from Washington, D.C and all of the career and cultural opportunities offered there.

Though Baltimore proper has high crime rates, there are plenty pockets and bordering communities that not only safe but cute, quaint, and very walking friendly like Little Italy, Federal Hill, Inner Harbor and Mount Vernon.

Average cost of a house: $225,000

Average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $1,393


New Rochelle, NY

Gov. Cuomo Orders Containment Zone In New Rochelle, NY Due To Coronavirus Cluster

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New Rochelle is not, compared to the rest of the country, affordable. However, for those who want to enjoy living just a 34-minute train ride from Manhattan and all that has to offer, without paying the full price to live in the city, New Rochelle is an * affordable option for the NYC area *.  The average rent here for a one-bedroom is, on average, $2,000 less than that of an apartment in Manhattan, and will have larger square footage.

New Rochelle is ranked one of the top five safest cities among “comparably-sized cities nationally,” says, making it one of the best cities for Black women who want to feel at ease walking at night. Plus, listed it has the second best city for Black women to financially thrive in. As for fun, it enjoys access to beautiful parks and beaches as well as an excellent culinary scene.


Average cost of a house: $675,000 (Compare to the $1.4 Million average in Manhattan)

Average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $2,380 (Compare to the $4,265 average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan)


Pembroke Pines, FL

Rainbow across a street

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Pembroke Pines, Florida is less than a 40-minute drive to Miami, so accessing the bustling nightlife and sandy beaches of that city is easy when you want it. This city is 22.3 percent Black and a great place for ambitious Black women. ranks it very high among Black women in home ownership and states that 88 percent of Black women here live far above the poverty line. As with many major cities, some neighborhoods are safer than others. Residents of Pembroke Pines tend to agree that the Northwest region (Southwest Ranches, Pine Island and Cooper City) is the safest.

Pembroke Pines has plenty of attractions including the lovely Shops at Pembroke Gardens, several nature preserves and museums.

Average cost of a house: $425,000

Average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $1,350

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