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Cam Newton‘s suspected girlfriend Jasmin Brown is proud to say she is submissive to her man. While discussing relationships on Shan Boodram’s Lovers & Friends podcast, she described how she caters to her man.

“You know, like packing his bag, unpacking his bag. Just making sure—all the things that he wants. I pretty much read his mind,” Brown said. “If I know you and I study you, I know how you are in the morning; I know how you are by midday. Before you can even ask me for something, I’m already on it. He’s spoiled but I love that. I think my biggest flex is how I treat my man.”

Jasmin Brown went on to say being submissive is a part of her love language. She understands how impactful her love is and is proud to see how it changes her man’s life.

“I’ve been known to love people back to health, and sometimes it’s very draining, but my love is my superpower. And I used to hate that about myself. But now I’m just embracing it. If I love you, I can heal you. It’s my joy… I love to see him eating the meal that I cooked. I love seeing him sleep easy. Every night, like clockwork. I scratch this man’s back until he falls asleep.”

While Brown says her love is like whoa thanks to her submissiveness, Twitter wasn’t impressed.

“This woman’s idea of submission is wild,” one person said on Twitter. “I hate that Black men are jumping on it. First of all submission is for husbands not boyfriends or boo thangs. Next, having anal sex (or any sex) to please a dude just because he enjoys it but it hurts you is crazy.”

Another woman tweeted that being submissive to Cam Newton is the actual problem.

“Baby you date Cam Newton. A serial cheater with 15 kids and multiple BM’s. Hearing her say this makes this video even more wild.”

Not everyone was against what Brown was saying though. One man said being submissive is a part of bringing the feminine energy into the relationship.

“Shout to #JasminBrown for actually treatin’ her man like a REAL Woman Should.  B***** too busy out here tryin’ to be the n**** in their relationship, that they forget their still women & we expect certain womanly s***from them.”

Brown saw the naysayers and didn’t disturb her stance.

“Brb gonna go scratch my man’s back,” read her tweet that she uploaded to her Instagram Story with Destiny Child’s “Cater 2 U” playing.

Newton and Brown haven’t confirmed that they are dating, by the way.

Watch the full interview below.


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