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Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé has been a smorgasbord of toxicity seasoned with mind-games and misunderstandings. When it comes to these relationships, poor communication, misplaced priorities and selfishness is a recipe for disaster. 

In episode 10, the lovers continue to cook up unnecessary drama as they avoid accountability and ignore the obvious. Many of us were holding on to hope that they will work out their problems and live happily ever after but as the season progresses, we realize most of these couples are better off going their separate ways.


Miona and Jibri


Jibri’s parents are concerned for their son’s well-being after seeing changes in his demeanor. Just like his best friend, Jibri’s parents think Miona is the culprit. When his parents ask about the couple’s wedding plans, Jibri says that his future wife is insistent on a beach wedding. Mom and Dad say they aren’t attending the ceremony­ because they were not given adequate time to make travel plans. Yeah right.

Dad suggests the couple postpone their wedding. When the musician presents the idea to his fiancé, she becomes angry and tells him to man-up. Jibri wants his mother and future wife to have a better relationship. The model says she has no interest in getting closer to Mama Mahala. She asks Jibri if he wants their relationship to work. He responds by saying “If you’re going to be like this, NO.”  



Emily and Kobe 


Now that her parents have agreed to pay for the wedding, the bride-to-be goes shopping for a dress. The very entitled Emily decided her newly acquired dress should be paired with some premium bling— so she purchased a new engagement ring for herself. When Kobe proposed, he was unable to afford a diamond, so he gifted his future bride an inexpensive ring with the promise to upgrade it in the future. Mom, Grandma and Sis cringe as Emily holds out her left hand displaying the beautiful 1 carat pear-shaped diamond. Emily’s sister, Madeline is worried that Kobe may feel emasculated by this. Ya think?


Bilal and Shaeeda


The couple travel to Atlanta to visit Bilal’s sister, Nefatari. The ladies go shopping for wedding dresses. The Trinidadian looks stunning in the beautiful mermaid style dress that hugs her curves perfectly. In an attempt to resolve her issues with Bilal, Shaeeda looks to her future sister-in-law for advice.  Big sis defended her brother by saying that she has never seen that side of him. She went on to offer “advice” by saying a whole lot of nothing. 

Bilal takes Shaeeda on a Ferris wheel ride. To take her mind from her fear of heights, brotherman decides to present his fiancé with a prenuptial agreement. Say what now? He could have eased her fears with a kiss, a shoulder rub, affirming words but he chose to blindside her with a damn prenup. The Ferris wheel ride is followed by a horse carriage ride. The inconsiderate businessman boasts that “nobody “is as romantic as he.  Bilal is caught up in a delusion, thinking he’s of those high value men

The frustrated fiancée finds it difficult to enjoy this act of “romance” when she examines the documents and finds that not only is it written in a way that heavily favors Bilal but there is no mention of their future children. Shaeeda would benefit from a prenuptial agreement but one that is not solely created by Bilal. 


Ari and Bini 


It is the day of Bini’s first professional MMA fight. The athlete enters the ring wrapped in an Ethiopian flag, he removes it to reveal an impeccably chiseled physique that was drool worthy. Ari is cheering him on while wearing a sequined mini dress which stood out like a sparkly sore thumb amongst the rest of the casually-dressed audience. The fine ass Ethiopian put the beat down on his opponent in a mere 33 seconds. Ari rushes the stage to mark her territory and plants congratulatory kisses all over her man’s face. Now that the fight is over, Ari hopes that her soon-to-be husband can focus on his family, but Bini says that he is preparing to train for his next fight. 

Will martial arts be the demise of this relationship? We will have to continue to watch to find out.  But the more important question is Will Bini take his shirt off again?

90 Day Day Fiancé airs on TLC on Sunday at 8pm EST. 

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