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In what world does one make rules in someone else’s home and pay not one bill? In what world does one complain about being gifted with a whole apartment?  In what world does a grown person hate on a 1-year-old? In the world of 90 Day Fiancé—that’s where. Episode 5 of brought us big misunderstandings, big breasts and a whole bunch of foolishness.


Ari and Bini 


The family of three arrives in New Jersey, to a warm welcome from Ari’s parents. Bini steps off of the plane in traditional Ethiopian attire and we love to see it. Rep yo set, Bini! Mom and Dad are elated to meet their adorable grandson.  

Unlike some of the other couples on season 9, Bini and Ari will be moving into their own apartment —courtesy of Ari’s parents. Although the rent is covered for now, Mom tells the couple that she expects them to take over the payments within 3 months. Bini expresses his gratitude, but Ari the Ungrateful chides her mother for not getting the smaller, less expensive apartment and opting for the top-tier Wi-Fi. The entitlement of it all. 


Shaeeda and Bilal 


Bilal introduces Shaeeda to his children. Zaynah, 16, and Yusuf, 14, appear to take an immediate liking to their future bonus mom. When the children ask Shaeeda what she would like to be called, she asks them to call her “Umi” which means mother in Arabic. As Shaeeda stated, Umi is also a term that is used to show respect to aunts and other elder women. Regardless of the cultural nuances of “Umi,” the children are not ready to give Shaeeda that title. So for now, they just call her Shaeeda.

The inquisitive teens ask their future stepmom if she wants to have children, sis passed this question over to their father. Once again, homeboy moonwalked, Bankhead bounced and did the cha-cha slide out of giving a direct answer.  We learn that Bilal previously expressed a desire for two more children and now he seems to be changing his mind. During a phone call with her older sister, the yogi tearfully expresses her strong desire for children. The 37-year-old is aware that her biological clock is ticking and she has no time to waste on Bilal’s indecisiveness. If sis wants babies, she deserves to have them. It’s apparent that Bilal doesn’t want babies. He should let Shaeeda know so that they both can stop wasting each other’s time. 


Emily and Kobe


The family gathered in the living room when Emily began pumping her breast milk. Kobe is uncomfortable with his future wife exposing her breasts in front of her father. Although Dad assures him that he is not offended by this natural act, Kobe still insists that Emily do her business elsewhere. Emily ignores his request and suggests that he make himself useful by helping her mother prepare dinner. The hot-headed dad said that he felt “disrespected” because his fiancé demanded that he help her mother—the same way that he demanded that she stop breast pumping less than 3 minutes ago. Chile. 

To spare her parents from having to witness anymore of this awkward exchange, Emily apologizes to Kobe, but this argument is far from over. 


Later that evening, as Emily prepared her son Kobin for bed—though, she wanted her son’s father to be present, she now sees him as a “distraction” from their normal routine. She grows increasingly annoyed as father and son engage in some light horseplay. Then, it was Kobe’s turn to be annoyed as the mother breastfeeds her son. Kobe says his son is too old for breastfeeding, he goes on to say that “women in Africa” don’t breast feed for that long. We are going to need Kobe to stop speaking on behalf of the breastfeeding community for the entire continent. He later admits that wants those titties for himself and doesn’t feel comfortable “sharing” them with his son. This is a weird form of sexism. Unable to tolerate the “distraction” that is Kobe, Emily asks him to go sleep in the other bed so that she and her son could sleep comfortably.  

Marriage requires compromise, and it appears that some of these couples didn’t get that memo. Will they work through these issues, or will they crash and burn? We will have to tune into TLC next Sunday, May 22, to see.

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