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90-Day Fiancé

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Pressure is mounting as season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé draws closer to an end. New conflicts arise while old ones remain unresolved, yet the lovers continue to ignore red flags, stop signs, omens, advice of family and friends and fans yelling at their TVs. 

We watch in disbelief as these couples shop around for dresses with empty bank accounts and attempt to secure venues with no security deposits.  Episode 9 is a place where reality just doesn’t exist. 


Miona and Jibri


Picking up from where drama left off in episode 8, Jibri is engaged in fisticuffs with his best friend David, the Vanilla Ice clone. Comic relief comes from their bandmate Space Ca$h, who breaks up a fight without removing his ridiculous space helmet or uttering a single word. The voice of reason comes from Brandi, the gorgeous female rapper. Brandi The Baddie gently scolds the men for their behavior and encourages everyone to get back to work.

David has noticed a major shift in Jibri’s demeanor, and believes that Miona is the culprit behind it. The musician confesses that he has suppressed his love for music to accommodate his fiancé who isn’t fond of late-night studio sessions. Jibri is feeling stifled and it’s beginning to take a toll on him. This relationship will not survive if Miona doesn’t learn to compromise.  


Emily and Kobe 


Emily asks her parents to pay for her upcoming wedding. Her parents are reluctant and for good reason. Dad wonders how the couple will support themselves once they are married. Mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea to get married at all. We agree with Mom. Both parents agree their unpredictable daughter has no idea of what it’s like to live on her own, but they don’t take responsibility for enabling her. Emily seems confident that her fiancé will find work when he gets his green card, but when her parents ask about his employable skills she answers them with a shoulder shrug.

Dad meets with Kobe to discuss his concerns. We learn Kobe studied civil engineering in Cameroon. The ambitious immigrant hopes to work with his future father-in-law’s architectural firm.  

Brotherman says that he hopes to take over the family business one day. Dad isn’t having it. Upon further probing, Kobe admits his education stopped at high school, and he has no experience working as an engineer. While competence is not required for some men to inherit their father-in-law’s company, Kobe doesn’t have that privilege. Brotherman plans to secure housing, support the family, and pay for his education with the $4000 he has saved. Although the dollar stretches further in  Cameroon, Kobe is out of touch with how things work in the states.  A quick Google search or a conversation with his fiancé may have cleared that up.


Bilal and Shaeeda

90-Day Fiancé

Source: Courtesy of TLC / TLC

Shaeeda teaches Bilal’s daughter Zaida how to prepare curry chicken. The Trinidadian doesn’t give a damn what them white folk say, sis is serious about chicken-cleaning. She instructed Zaida to wash the chicken like she “washes her lady parts.”  The teenager is uncomfortable, yet amused by her future stepmom’s analogy. Shaeeda is still unsettled about the children calling her by her first name instead of Umi. Zaida explains that she also calls her stepfather by his first name and she is not ready to call Shaeeda “mother” in any language. Although matriarchal and patriarchal titles are common throughout the African diaspora, Shaeeda does understand that this is not the cultural norm for her future stepchildren. 

Bilal plans a family outing. Although Shaeeda thinks the day could be better spent preparing for their upcoming wedding, she agrees to spend the day at the park with the children. It is not lost on her or us that Bilal avoids the topic of wedding planning. The Yogi is apprehensive when her future husband suggests they ride on scooters. Sis reluctantly agrees but only because she doesn’t want to kill the vibe in the presence of the children. However, the vibes quickly fizzle when the Shaeeda tries to discuss Bilal’s OCD-like tendencies. He counteracted by criticizing his partner’s uncleanliness. Sis became frustrated with both his inability to listen and his obsession with “winning the argument.” She finally asked him to give her some alone time. The real estate mogul hops on his scooter and rides away—the smug look on his face was quite obvious. Emotional abuse can be quite subtle sometimes.  

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