Cardi B has some great feats under her belt. As one of the most influential female hip-hop artists out today, she has broken numerous records in the rap industry. She won eight Billboard awards, and Invasion of Privacy won her a Grammy for Best Rap Album for an individual artist, making her the first woman to ever win in that category. The outspoken rapper has done numbers and does life on her own terms. Cardi Tries—and succeeds in multiple areas of her life—matrimony, motherhood, money-making, fashion. We love to see it. 

The “WAP” artist also takes on a diversity of challenges and activities on her recent Messenger series, Cardi Tries, along with notable guests. She’s done outdoors with comedian Affion Crockett, inked tattoos with husband Offset, played tennis with “Wild Side” singer Normani, and chops it up—exclusively—with MADAMENOIRE about her upcoming episode and future tries.

MADAMENOIRE: You’re a busy woman. How are you enjoying Cardi Tries?

Cardi B: I enjoy it every single time that they ask me, like, are you done for the season? It will be like, yeah, of course. It doesn’t feel like a drag on the feet, you know what I’m saying? It’s something that I’m going to have fun with sometimes. The only thing I hate is getting up early, but I just know I’m going to have a good time. I know my guests are going to be fun, or even if my guests are nervous and they know what they do, I feel like we just then get out. We really feel like it’s a whole team.


MN: I know those call times for filming are mad early.  I watched the recent episode with you and Normani playing tennis. Super hilarious. But Cardi, those Burbank kids were not hype enough to me.

All right. So, with the tennis, I thought they had to be on their very best behavior. One thing I didn’t know about tennis is, like, it’s one of those [sports] you have to be real silent—even when you cheer—you cannot be screaming like that. It’s one of those sports that is hard to do, but it’s also very delicate. 

Cardi Tries

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MN: So, it’s one of those professional sports where you just can’t really have a great time, like football, where people are cheering and wildin’ out— and having a good time.

Yeah, well, something like that. I feel like they just have very calm behavior, almost like ballet. When I did ballet with Debbie Allen, the kids had to be super quiet, super tidy.


MN: I noticed on the show long before they even mentioned it was that you are left-handed.



MN: I don’t know the left-handed experience because I’m a right-handed person, but was there any more difficulty playing tennis as a left-handed person versus anything else you do?

You know what, like everything else that I have done, it hasn’t really bothered me to do. But tennis was just so difficult for me to understand. A lot of things they do is with the right hand and I have to position my body a certain type of way. So being left-handed really counts [against me] in that sport.


Cardi Tries

Source: Courtesy of Messenger

MN: I noticed that. I was like, wait a minute. I did not know Cardi was left-handed—it stuck out. So, you had difficulty playing tennis, right? And don’t get offended when I ask you this, but were you really trying?

Well, yeah, for everything—I tried. You know what I’m saying? I tried because the people that are teaching you these things, they’re teaching you, you know what I’m saying? They’re actually teaching you. You don’t want to go to their jobs and make it feel like, yeah, this is a game to me, I don’t care. I’m just doing this because I’m getting paid. You know what I’m saying? 

You don’t want to make anybody who teaches you something feel like you don’t really give a fuck about what you’re doing. I want to try it, like that’s the point, giving it your all and if I can’t do it all, then it’s like, fuck it.


MN: Who comes up with all the tries? Is it you? Is it your team? How do you all arrive at a specific thing that you’re going to try?

It’s really all of us. They will ask me “what type of things do you feel like you would like to do?” But there are certain things that were like, damn, is it even possible to even do? 

The firefighter one; I was like, damn, can we actually make this happen? Like, are they going to let us put out a fire or something like that?


MN: Is there something in mind that you actually want to try? Something you’re definitely going to try.

I feel like that’s the tricky thing about this show. For example, when we came with the third season, I’m like what haven’t I fucking done? I feel like I’ve done everything. They’re like, oh, we have a whole bunch of shit. The one I really always wanted to try was outdoor camping.


MN: Oh, yes, the survival one, right?

Yes—because who don’t be thinking, I wonder if I could survive one day in the wilderness? Don’t you ever think that sometimes? Can I survive? I always wanted to try that.

Cardi Tries

Source: Courtesy of Messenger

MN: Let me tell you something. My brother, he’s an outdoors person, right? And we’re from New York, too, but he went away to the military and came back with this kind of curiosity for nature, the environment, and the outdoors. He wanted to take me to the Mountains to do camping and stuff like that, right? I’m like, all right, I’ll go up there with you, but I won’t spend the night. He pitches tents. My brother has, like, a hot stove that he plugs into his truck. He will cook breakfast on it. He made us a hamburger. I didn’t stay to spend the night because I was like, I’m not spending the night in the woods.

But when I saw your episode with Affion, the shit was so funny. I was like, you know what? I feel like I should have at least given it a shot. If you can give it a shot, I think I should have been able to give it a shot.

It’s not so bad.


MN: The water thing really freaked me out.

Yeah, it was disgusting, but it’s like, you know what?—But I’m happy that I did it because, now, at least I know.


MN: There was definitely something to be learned. So, let me ask you this. Will you do a Cardi Tries with the family?

Oh, my goodness, my daughter is just you know … there have been times that they have asked “Would you do a Cardi Tries episode with Kulture and other artists with their kids?” No—because one thing you just never know is when my daughter is in a mood. Sometimes, she is doing something and [out of nowhere] it’s like, all right, I don’t want to do it; sometimes, she’s going to take over things. I’d be afraid if she’s not friendly with other kids. She could be a little diva sometimes. 


MN: Rightfully so, I mean—she is a little diva. You have the upcoming episode on football. How prepared are you? I feel like you’re a girly girl. How prepared are you for football ‘Tries?

Well, I’m prepared, but let me just tell you this: I wasn’t really looking forward to doing it. I was looking forward to doing it with the person that was doing it with—the players and the artists. But I was like, I really don’t want to fucking do football. I never was a person that really liked football like that. And then for me to know that I might get tackled, and I’m gonna get bruised, and the next day, my body’s going to hurt. I was like, “unh unh… I don’t want to do that.”

 And the day before I did it, I got one of my COVID shots, my vaccine, and my arm was fucking killing me. I was so not in the mood for doing it. I really wasn’t looking forward to it because I don’t want to get slammed, I don’t want to be running full capacity, blah, blah, blah. But I was like, you know what? I have to get into the groove because now I have a son. There are certain things I feel like I could avoid forever, but I can’t avoid it because now, I have a boy.


MN: Which one would you try again? Like—on your own? Which one will you be making a part of your lifestyle?

I would like to go camping with my husband. I feel like that would be a very different, funny, interesting thing to do to camp out with him.

You can watch Cardi Tries on Cardi B’s official Facebook Page which is viewable on Watch Together via Messenger and Instagram.

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