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Red Table Talk: The Estefans

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Nowadays any and everyone is vulnerable to cancel culture, making giving your opinion or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time a recipe for disaster. An unfavorable comment can lead to calls to ostracize a celebrity from the spotlight and the realm of popularity via social media. With her new show, Don’t Cancel Me, Amara La Negra is creating a safe space for all opinions no matter how uncensored and uncut.

The Love & Hip Hop Miami star told MADAMENOIRE that her late night talk show is a much needed “judgement-free zone.”

“I feel that right now we are in an era where people are afraid to give their opinions because they’re scared of getting canceled,” she said. “And just because you don’t agree with somebody’s opinions or their mindset, it doesn’t mean that you have to cancel them. We could just agree to disagree. And that should be good enough.”

During the eight episodes, the “Muevete” singer will be touching on topics like immigration, sex work, women’s empowerment, relationships and a host of others. While she feels there are celebrities who cross the line and sabotage their own careers, she added that cancel culture snatches opportunities for teachable moments about controversial topics.

“I also feel that we’re human and we all make mistakes, and there’s always space to learn and to grow,” she continued. “And if you’ve made a mistake, and you want to be able to, to fix it, then you should have the right to do that as well. However, you should also have the right to give your opinion without feeling like the world is gonna come for you just because you don’t have the same point of view as everybody else.”


During her first season on Love & Hip Hop Miami, she stood out the most due to the teachable moments between her and producer Young Hollywood over his tone-deaf comments about her afro-textured hair.

“I think that me giving him teachable moments created an open conversation where everybody was talking about it,” she said. “If I would have just been angry and upset [called for him to be cancelled], that conversation would have been over and it wouldn’t have given an opportunity for other people to learn about it and for other people to go explore understand for themselves who they are, and try to do that soul search.”

She even had a teachable moment of her own regarding OnlyFans, which she admitted to being judgmental about. On one the episodes, her perspective changed after she sat down with a Navy veteran who uses the platform to create generational wealth for her family.

“A lot of women are here being very wise and savvy and being really good business women, even if it means having to use your physical attraction to make these things happen,” she said. “It just put my mind in a different space and I have so much respect for them now.”

Amara La Negra recently announced that she is welcoming twin girls next year and she it’s been rough juggling her podcast “Exactly Amara,” shooting Don’t Cancel Me and Love & Hip Hop Miami and working on other projects. Since she will be her babies’ sole provider, the grind can’t stop, but it’s been tough for the expecting mom.

“It’s a little hard because I’m very tired all the time,” she said. “I’m sleepy all the time. I’m nauseous, have heartburn…all the natural things that pregnant women go through that I had no idea [about]. I’m learning as I go.”

She added that she isn’t have the pregnancy journey she expected but she’s still gleaming with excitement and anticipation to meet her baby girls.

“You know, it’s not necessarily what I wanted. I envisioned myself with a husband and dressed in a white dress and having a family and, picnics on Sundays and barbecues. And that’s the vision that I had, but it doesn’t necessarily happen that way for all of us. I pray that one day I will be able to have that dream, a vision that I have for myself with my little girls. I’m still here and I’m definitely not going to leave them.”

Since she’s a member of the Love & Hip Hop franchise, she welcomed a few of her fellow VH1 stars on to the couch, but the one who struck her the most was Trina.

“She’s done so many  things that I don’t feel that she gets enough credit for,” La Negra said of Trina. “Because we’re so busy looking at controversies or putting female rappers against one another you miss out on all the great things that she’s done.”

In the future, she hopes to welcome Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Rasheeda Frost onto the show.

“She’s gone through a lot, you know? And I’m just curious how she’s done it, especially in the entertainment industry on TV where the world can be so judgmental. How do you do it? How do you keep it together? How do you keep pushing and you’re still a businesswoman? And you’re still pushing forward in life.”

Don’t Cancel Me premieres on Fuse and Fuse+ on Dec. 1, at 11:00 PM ET.

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