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Black Twitter wasn’t too happy with Insecure actress Yvonne Orji this week.

On Oct. 11, negative chatter about the star began to swirl across social media after a Twitter user by the name of @thecrystal uncut recalled a “rude” encounter she had with the 37-year-old celeb. The user, who also goes by Crystal for short, shared the surprising tidbit after she replied to another social media goer who asked: “who was the ‘meanest’ celeb you’ve ever met?”

In a string of tweets, Crystal then began to break down her odd exchange with Orji which coincidentally took place at a women’s empowerment event.

“I met Yvonne Orji at a WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE. She was about to give her speech and I asked for a pic while she was waiting. She said no. I respect her privacy, move on and take my seat in the front row,” she wrote.

Crystal continued:

“She gets to the part of her speech about being persistent. She’s like ‘I only got to where I got because I never took no for an answer.’ And then she gestures over to me and says something like, ‘That girl wanted a picture with me, but I said no. If she were more intentional about what she wants, maybe she’d have her pic.'”

“In the moment I was like uhh that was rude,” she added. “I thought she might come up to me and be like oh I was joking and take the pic but no. That put a bad taste in my mouth about her forever. And I didn’t even want the pic that bad! I just thought it would be cool to post on my story.”

Sounds pretty rude, right?

Crystal did some further searching on the internet and found a video of the moment Orji called her out for asking for a flick. While Orji didn’t exactly say what she had originally written in her previous tweets, Crystal still felt hurt that the star intentionally went out of her way to make an example of her by “pointing.”

“My words were not correct in the first tweet (I knew I didn’t remember exactly, as indicated by me saying she said “something like”) and she did not call me “that girl.” Yet STILL somehow the actual video is more painful. Why is she pointing?!,” Crystal tweeted.

Take a look at the video down below. Do you think Yvonne was being a real-life “Molly?”

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Shortly after the tweet made its rounds across social media, Orji attempted to clean up on aisle 6 and jumped into Crystal’s comments with an apology.

“Hey Crystal, I’m saddened that’s how you left the event feeling after an encounter with me,” she responded. “Truly wasn’t my intention to make you feel anything less than the beautiful woman you are.”

Unfortunately, her apology came a bit too late, as Black Twitter had already begun slamming the star for her rude and seemingly condescending speech.

One user wrote:

“Persistence isn’t when you seek PERMISSION for a picture and the answer is NO. That is CONSENT. Any “persistence” in your case can be termed HARRASSMENT & any sensible person would also walk away. Yet u decided to used her as an example? Wow! Sorry but you are mean. Pls own it”

Another user replied:

“Not my apology to accept…since there isn’t one I guess that point is moot! That video is terrible and intentions mean ZERO. People may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel.”

While a third person chimed in:

“A sensible point, but completely invalidated by the fact that she got on the stage and went ahead to use the lady for illustration purposes of such a condescending nature. She obviously just has a mean spirit!”

Yikes! What do you think? Was Orji being disrespectful towards Crystal? Who are some other celebs that you have had rude encounters with in the past?


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