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vaginal health

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How well do you really know your vagina’s needs? Most women would probably say, emphatically, very well. However, a survey conducted by Intima showed that most of those women would be mistaken. The poll found that a substantial amount of women don’t know where the cervix is, are confused on what exactly menopause is and misidentify different parts of the vagina. So, maybe you aren’t as in touch with your va-jay-jay as you thought. It is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It’s an opening. It’s damp. For many reasons, it’s quite vulnerable. It’s also a beautiful thing that delivers new life and participates in your orgasms. So, it’s pretty important to treat it correctly.

No woman intentionally abuses her vagina. We can just be busy and misinformed. We pick up habits and misinformation from our mothers, sisters, friends or the Internet, without ever confirming if that’s the healthiest option. We get into routines. Your vagina might be asking for a little attention. Here are ways you might be mistreating your vagina.

vaginal health

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Not changing undies between the gym and life

Life can get busy and gym time isn’t some luxurious two-hour retreat from the day that it once was. You might do an intense 30-minute cardio session and march right back to your vehicle to get on with your day. But even a short workout means that your underwear got damp. And, it got damp inside a pair of workout pants that are usually made of synthetic materials that don’t breathe. That’s a great environment for bacteria to thrive in. Pack a fresh pair of undies and take just a few minutes to freshen up after a workout and change into fresh underwear to prevent bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection.

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