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summer beauty tips

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The summer heat can be rough on everybody but women know that it’s especially tough on our vaginas. That is not an area that needs excess heat and moisture. It’s unfair, really, that we have to somehow keep a naturally damp area fresh when it’s 100 degrees out. I have often had insecurities around how I, um, smell down there during the summer. I’m a very hygienic person and still can be left feeling unhygienic all because I have lady parts in the summer (well I have them all year round, to be clear). Living in a muggy city in California with air conditioning only in my bedroom, I’ve had to learn ways to keep my vagina cool during the summer. Hopefully these help you, too.

summer beauty tips

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Work at a standing desk

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for us for many reasons, but it’s especially problematic for our vaginas during the summer—they’re just pressed up against synthetic upholstery or leather for hours. Work at a standing desk to keep a breeze going down there.

summer beauty tips

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Invest in a portable bidet

I’m completely serious. They’re super affordable, and aren’t just for cleaning up after going number two. They’re an excellent way to freshen up down there, any time things start feeling muggy.

summer beauty tips

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Skirts and dresses are your friends

The more you can keep fresh air circulating down there, the better. Your jeans and leggings won’t let that happen. While you may wear these in an attempt to trap odor in, they just create more odor buildup. If you start with things fresh down there and wear a dress or skirt, the circulating air will keep things (mostly) cool.

summer beauty tips

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If you must wear pants, wear loose pants

It’s time to invest in some loose-fitting pants. I’m talking about drop-crotch, MC Hammer-style pants. They may not do much to make your butt look nice but your vagina will thank you and she gets priority.

summer beauty tips

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Go commando at home

I don’t put on underwear until I must aka when I leave my home. If you work at a standing desk at home wearing a skirt and no underwear, you’ll keep your vagina much cooler than if you wear underwear and sit down all day.

summer beauty tips

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Linen is also your friend

My partner says I’m turning into Barbra Streisand from “Meet the Fockers” with all of my loose linen clothes but I don’t care: my lady parts are happy. I own four pairs of linen pants in various colors so I can put together an outfit from any of them

summer beauty tips

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Find moisture-wicking underwear

Don’t just wear moisture-wicking underwear at the gym: wear it during your regular summer activities. It removes moisture from the skin and then dries quickly, so you don’t have a swamp down there.

summer beauty tips

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Don’t go budget on the workout clothes

Unfortunately, the higher-priced workout clothes are high-priced for a reason: they’re often made from moisture-wicking fabric. Your moisture-wicking underwear won’t do you much good if your vagina is still trapped beneath cheap, synthetic leggings.

summer beauty tips

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Don’t bike or walk to work

This is no time to be a hero about your commute. Maybe work is only a 20-minute walk away and you want to get your steps in but 20 minutes of steps on a summer day in full office attire results in one sweaty vagina by the time you get to work. And you won’t be showering there. Drive, carpool, or take a Lyft.

summer beauty tips

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Pack spare underwear

When all else fails, have a little extra undies in your bag. If you miss the bus or get caught standing outside in the heat waiting for your ride, at least you can put on some fresh underwear at your next destination.

summer beauty tips

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Keep things trim

Having a full bush, though erotic in its way, also traps moisture and bacteria. That being said, a bit of hair has a way of masking odor. When you’re bald down there, odor gets out fast. Keep your pubes at a medium length—long enough to mask lingering odors but short enough to prevent bacteria from building up.

summer beauty tips

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Don’t use pads

These are not your friends in the summer. They’re just little ecosystems for bacteria and moisture. Go diva cup or tampons in the summer. Or, you can try some of the period panties out there.

summer beauty tips

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Keep pH-balanced wipes on hand

Not all wipes are created equal, so make sure to get ones specifically for the feminine area that are pH-balanced. That last part is especially important. Keep a little pack in your purse and grab one any time you’re feeling muggy down there.

summer beauty tips

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Use tea tree soap

Tea tree is naturally antibacterial. So, in addition to having a wonderfully refreshing scent that is natural (no perfumes—those are bad for your va-jay-jay) it also resists bacteria buildup throughout the day.

summer beauty tips

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Hog the fan or AC (Sorry, fellas)

Sorry fellas but we have a rule in my house: I get to sit right by the fan when we’re watching TV in the living room and I get to sleep closest to the air conditioning unit. It’s for the benefit of everybody.

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