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When Daniella Levy decided to create her natural vaginal health product line Happy V, she was at her wits’ end. She’d been struggling with bacterial vaginosis for some time and felt the gynecologists she went to for solutions only made things worse.

“I dealt with this recurring infection for five years, switching gynecologists five times, and every time they just prescribed me antibiotics, which didn’t actually treat my BV and instead made me more susceptible to other bacterial infections like yeast infections,” she tells MadameNoire. “That’s because antibiotics don’t solely target bad bacteria, and they may kill the good bacteria that your body needs, too. It became an endless cycle, with doctors often dismissing what I was experiencing and how it was impacting my life.”

With help from her partner, Hans Graubard, whose family owns and operates a manufacturing company to create natural supplements, she was able to combine her experience with his knowledge and launch Happy V in 2017. The line creates high-quality products for vaginal wellness. Happy V has not only aided in Levy being able to handle a recurring BV infection effectively, but it also changed her life professionally.

“This was a huge turning point for me,” she says, “being able to create effective, safe, and natural products for other women who, like me, were having these experiences and weren’t getting the support or answers they needed is why Happy V was born. What inspires and drives us is delivering solutions to people that need them, relieving them of their discomfort, and, most importantly, helping them feel less alone. It all starts with your state of mind.”

Happy V prides itself on being able to make “superior” products crafted from ingredients that have been clinically studied that are available at an affordable price. Levy’s team linked up with some well-known OB/GYNs across the country to best figure out how to approach feminine health and decided to go the things internally that cause the pain and discomfort we deal with. Happy V tackles a number of issues impacting vaginal wellness, from a product that helps to remove the bacteria that causes UTIs if that’s your issue, to a CBD-based option that aids in easing cramping and reducing inflammation during that time of the month.

“Our products are clinically proven to help with the symptoms of the most common vaginal infections and prevent them – as well as provide relief and support for feminine health, including bacterial vaginosis, UTIs, menopause and PMS,” she says.

The reviews for the four offerings thus far are stellar. In fact, the Prebiotic + Probiotic duo supplement that helps with preventing BV, for example, has more than 700 reviews and a five-star rating. There’s plenty more excellence to come in Levy’s efforts to change your vaginal health for the better.

“We see that when it comes to women’s wellness there are various conditions that need to be addressed like fibroids, endometriosis, vulvodynia, and many others that women may face at any stage of their lives,” she says. “We do have plans to roll out new product launches throughout 2021 that continue to address women’s health and wellness needs. We are expanding to categories like prenatals, sexual wellness, and period care.”

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