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While Chris Williams has proven himself to be hands-down the worst husband in the history of Married at First Sight thanks to his baby news, manipulation, and desire for unprotected sex with a wife he told less than 24 hours after marrying that he wasn’t attracted to, he wasn’t always in first place. During Season 10, Michael Watson seemed to be the worst of the worst. Part of the DC season, which had only one successful couple out of five (just Ls all around), he told a multitude of lies that not only drove wife Meka Jones mad, but also left viewers baffled. More than a year and a half after his time on the series, and months after successfully getting an annulment, Michael decided to set the record straight about why he couldn’t stop lying. He also talked about the growth he’s had since he made those mistakes with the help of his girlfriend Shannon, or “Shay.”

The couple did a YouTube video together titled “The Conversation” where she questioned him about all of the drama attached to his name due to his time on MAFS. That drama, as she shared, came to her DMs when people found out on social media that she was dating him and “let her have it.” So she held his feet to the fire to get some answers.

“You appeared to be a habitual liar,” she said. “What was the deal? What was happening?”

“Truth be told, I just wasn’t very honest and I didn’t tell the truth about a number of different things…it just wasn’t a good look for me at all,” he said. “People were right to feel the way they felt.”

He addressed some different “stories” he told, admitting that he lied about that job offer letter and his finances, but not about having a job, since some believed he was really out here unemployed.

“I was kind of embarrassed because I negotiated my contract and it wasn’t as much money as I hoped so I did embellish the numbers a bit,” he said. “I lied, about the numbers.”

“I felt this pressure to kind of like be a little bit more and do a little bit more,” he added. “That led to me messing with the numbers and kind of presenting it to be more than it actually was.”

As for the drama about him saying he was a yoga instructor and having people at his studio say that he didn’t work there and only cleaned up the space, Michael said that was a misunderstanding. He was certified to teach but just didn’t teach that night. Also, he helped to clean the studio to get money off of his membership.

“One way you pay for your membership is that you help clean the studio. That’s just smart,” he said. “Why pay $200 a month if you can take a couple hours a week to clean it and then get your membership reduced or get your classes for free? That’s what I did. I wasn’t out here on some janitor ish. No disrespect to janitors, but that’s not what I was doing.”

When Shannon said he should have set the record straight and handled the situation differently, Michael revealed that the confusing way he went about things was based on the fact that he didn’t want to be in the marriage.

“At a certain point, I didn’t care. I just didn’t,” he said. “If I’m being completely transparent, I checked out pretty early on in the process…it didn’t feel right.”

He also didn’t try to explain the drama over him allegedly telling Meka that he wouldn’t feel good about moving forward with their marriage if they didn’t consummate it during the honeymoon out of fear of how it could impact his teaching career.

“It was a joke that went left in mixed company. Instead of addressing it privately or in general, I just let it become more than what it was and that’s how it played out,” he said. “If there’s anything I regret the most…that was the one that got away from me and probably hurt the most just given my background and given what I do.”

And as for that Groupon voucher for a trip to Jamaica he got Meka, he admitted that was a whole big lie, too.

“Basically there was an exchange where you had to give each other gifts or something…so here’s my gift and here’s the thing I planned. It was just something because honestly I had nothing and I wasn’t intending to do anything,” he said.

After explaining himself, Michael said that he’d done the work to be a better person. He unpacked his issues in therapy so that he could be a better partner in a relationship. He met Shannon and knows that he wants to marry her soon enough. But in order to feel good about that, he needed to address the past once and for all since people kept asking him and his lady about it.

“I would like the ability to move on and not have to address in every other thing that I do or stuff that I post on my IG or my Facebook about something that happened a year and a half ago. With all due respect,” he said. “Was it bad? Did I make mistakes? Do I need to own up for the things I did? Yes, yes and yes, and this is what this conversation is about.”

“I apologize to the young lady that experienced this with me, but I would like the opportunity to grow and to not only grow from this experience but to grow and be in a loving and happy relationship,” he added.

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