#MAFS: With All Due Respect, The “Experts” Blew It With Season 10’s Couples

March 5, 2020  |  
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After watching last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, I have to say, Season 10 has been a hot mess; and not in the “I can’t look away” type of trainwreck, but just a genuine hot mess. Most of the people put together do not need to be together.

Pastor Cal is my friend (in my head), I love Dr. Pepper’s name and Dr. Viviana does a good job of telling it like it is, but they dropped the ball with the selection of couples in D.C. It’s either that, or the people, particularly most of the men they selected, lied about being ready for marriage and ready to fight and the experts couldn’t see through that because Brandon, Michael and Zach? Yikes.

Zach is the first man in MAFS history to not live with his spouse after the honeymoon, despite the fact that he told Dr. Pepper that if on the wedding day, the woman he was matched with wasn’t necessarily his dream girl, he would still give his marriage his all. He has not obviously, and he has to be encouraged by her friends and his own, and the experts, to give living with Mindy a shot, only for him to say he will “consider” it. The fool won’t even stay overnight! The experts should have broken them up by now, because as Mindy said, how much rejection can one take? How many times can a woman listen to a man who is supposed to be her husband state that he’s not attracted to her? If this was a job situation, and Zach was only showing the 60 percent effort he shows on TV, hell, he would be in the unemployment line.

And then there’s Brandon, who has given up on trying to work on his marriage just a few weeks in. Now, I understand the hurt he felt when Taylor shared that very juvenile social media video talking about how it’s so hard to find a good man who meets her requirements. The fact that she couldn’t just apologize in mediation about it, as well as her friend’s pretending the video was harmless, was ridiculous. But he acted as though we hadn’t seen him be just as destructive to his own marriage just days in. He literally ignored her for a day, cursed her out in front of the rest of the cast and crew, and she still defended him in front of her friends. She was still trying to be a good wife to him (though testy at times) despite a lackluster effort on his part once they got back from Panama. But she made one very childish mistake and all of a sudden the marriage is irretrievably broken? Please.

But nobody at this point takes the cake more than Michael. He is the biggest tall-tale telling, gaslighting individual I’ve seen on this show. Not only did we never know what really happened with that sex during the honeymoon conversation that happened off-camera and has plagued them since, but his job situation is sketchy based on what he tells Meka, and he lied to her about being a yoga teacher! Who does that?

To make these stories all the more absurd, instead of owning that he would lie, Michael would deflect big time to blame Meka for him lying and not being able to explain why. He would say her demeanor caused him to not be able to communicate, or he would get upset with her because she would talk to her cast mates about his lies. But as Dr. Pepper had to eventually address with him, Michael needed to take responsibility for his own poor actions, and get to the root of it. He said it had to with the fact that he was adopted and he feels the need to be accepted or liked by telling stories. However, the adoption situation, though one I can’t relate to and that I have sympathy for, has been his go-to when called out.

All I could think was, these people needed therapy, not marriage.

At this point, the vetting process has to change. Exes (even people who dated candidates for a short time) need to be contacted to get an understanding of the types of behaviors these people brought into relationships and situationships. More than one sit-down with a therapist should happen to get a real understanding of why people say they want to be married and if they’re trying to compensate for certain absences or issues in their lives. Time needs to be spent with candidates outside of just them being interviewed and digging in their panty drawers. Experts need to watch them with their friends and even how they go about meeting people and dating outside of apps and today’s tech. You know, the same way they say go see an apartment you want at night or on the weekends? There also needs to be more time in between seasons for a more extensive vetting to happen, as opposed to them being twice a year. And there only need to be about four couples MAX from here on out, because five not only makes for too long of a show, but it’s too many people to give the best support too.

While there have been some troubling people on past seasons, including Molly, Mia and Tristan, Luke and of course Matt from last season, to have this many in one season feels like the experts threw a dart at a board to see what would work, and the end result feels like it’s going to be some emotionally scarred women. Seriously, how do the mass majority of couples not even have chemistry? All this encouraging of sticking it out and trying to make it work with people who are either emotionally volatile, narcissistic or just a flat-out liar, which they were before marriage, is for the birds. None of these characteristics are conducive to a healthy relationship in everyday life if they’re not addressed, let alone an eight-week experiment.



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