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Married at First Sight Meka and Michael

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Another week, another reason for Michael and Meka to grow further apart.

As we already know, this marriage has completely fallen apart in the present day as Michael filed for an annulment, and it becomes more and more evident the reasons they couldn’t work.

This week’s drama surrounds an outing Michael invited Meka too, a yoga class, and the odd way it all fell through. They discussed it over dinner.

“You invited me to a yoga class, said that you were a yoga teacher. A lot of what you told me turned out not to be true,” she said. “We could not do the yoga class, which was disappointing to me because I drove there and I was trying to be there for something that was so important to your life. So I took the time to go there just for you not even to be a yoga teacher and for us to not even be signed up for the class.”

Frustrated and feeling like her time was wasted, which an always straightforward Meka told Michael when the situation happened, he shut down. She said she needed someone to talk to about it since he wouldn’t, so she reached out fellow MAFS participant Taylor Dunklin, which he was pissed about. She had no regrets, though, because she felt he should have apologized to her for having her set aside time for plans that weren’t really in place and because he should have explained why he said one thing when it was really another. However, he focused on the fact that she sought out advice from an outside party.

“It’s just the entirety of everything and how you handle certain situations especially when it deals with our direct marriage and who you tend to talk to,” he said. “We’re supposed to be figuring our stuff out. We’re supposed to be a team. How you gon’ be a team and telling people our stuff? I understand you want to vent but yet again we find ourselves in these situations where something happens and it’s, ‘I gotta tell somebody.’ Why?”

Honestly, I don’t think there’s any harm in Meka seeking out a listening ear from someone going through the same exact situation as her. Hell, Michael has been that exact ear for Taylor’s husband, Brandon Reid, so why can’t the women offer advice to one another? The only difference that is while he and Brandon talk about Taylor’s f–k ups, he doesn’t like conversations where his f–k ups are the subject to discuss. Nevertheless, the women tend to be very honest with each other, including when they’re wrong, as, for example, Meka told Taylor that she should apologize to Brandon for posting that insulting Instagram Story about being single forever. That being said, Michael has the right to want their own marital issues kept a bit more between them (and America of course), but focusing on that was a cop-out to keep him from providing an explanation for the story he told.

And truth be told, there wouldn’t be anything negative to share if these two could communicate a lot better. I did say that Meka would need to ease up on always reminding Michael of those comments about sex during the honeymoon, which he to this day denies, if they were going to work. However, Michael does tell the most interesting stories, and not in full, including about his job opportunity to be a principal falling through after terms of the deal were changed despite him signing a contract (and finding a new job he agreed to without telling her beforehand). And there is something very, very odd about telling someone you’re a yoga instructor if you’re not. That’s just a common sense thing.

While Meka can come off intense and a tad condescending when she’s not pleased with him, he does owe her an explanation, and a clear one, when it comes to things to things he says and does that do indeed affect her as his wife; that includes employment changes and anything she makes time to support that falls through. They barely know each other so that is all the more important in their situation. He should get that, but it’s evident that Michael isn’t really feeling Meka, as their lack of chemistry is jarring, and he was just trying to make the marriage work so he wouldn’t be the first in his family to marry and get a divorce. If he was really into her, perhaps he would stop telling half-truths.

All that being said, get a preview of the drama below and watch how this trainwreck plays out when the latest episode of Married at First Sight airs tonight on Lifetime: 


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