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Millennials are one of the least religious groups, according to research. Though there is some variance between older and younger millennials, this general demographic is showing up at churches, temples, and the like far less than older generations.

Millennials and Gen Z’ers do, however, tend to believe in some sort of New Age spirituality. Women tend to believe in it slightly more than men, those with some level of a college education are more likely than those with no college education, or a college degree, to believe in it, and Black individuals believe in it far more than whites and slightly more than Hispanics.

For many, the form of New Age spirituality they’re most into is astrology. In fact, studies show that one-third of Gen Z daters pick who to date based on their astrological sign. It turns out that the signs make themselves pretty well known through the way they craft their online dating profiles and handle online messages. Dana Balch, Consumer Communications Manager at Tinder, shared with us some interesting data about how each sign navigates the world of online dating.



Balch reports that Aries commonly include “Manager” in their job title, and are more likely than any other sign to include the fire emoji in their bio. When it comes to their list of hobbies, they pack that out, including every interest and activity they can think about. They’re usually the first to initiate conversation, and most likely to match with Libras.



The determined and ambitious Taurus swipes at the highest rate on Tinder and responds to messages the fastest out of all of the signs. This traditionally materialistic sign that loves luxury and comfort is the most likely to include both “food” and “drinks” under their interests. Maybe it’s the practical side in them that makes them most likely to match with another Taurus.



A combination of impulsive and indecisive, the Gemini is stingy with the right swipes on Tinder. In fact, they give them out the least of all of the signs. This traditionally intelligent sign chooses to express themselves through a lot of emojis on their profiles and are likely to include terms like “Gucci” on their profiles. They are most likely to match with Aquarius, and the most common favorite song among them is “Roxanne.”



Cancers are typically loyal and protective, which could be why they’re one of the slowest at responding to messages (gotta protect that heart). That could also be why the words “genuine” and “real” show up in many of their profiles. This sometimes moody and sensitive sign is most likely to match with the humanitarian and analytical Aquarius.



“Inclusive” and “Passionate” are two words to describe a Leo, which makes sense when we discover that this sign swipes right the most of any sign – even twice as much as others. This brave and ambitious sign commonly lists “CEO” as their job title, and is the most likely sign to name their sign in their bio. They also often reference Lizzo somewhere in their profiles and are most likely to match with Aries.



Known for masking their emotions and being perfectionists, Virgos have very few photos in their profiles. They have the word “hardworking” in their profiles more than any other sign, but are the least likely to list terms like “spontaneous” or “explore.” They’re also the least likely to mention their sign in their bios, and they often match with Scorpios.



The social Libra is the most likely to have “drinks” somewhere in their bio, along with words like “yoga” and “authentic.” A sometimes indecisive but fair sign, Libras are one of the signs that swipe the most. This sign is most likely to match with Aires, another social sign.



This brave and ambitious sign often lists “entrepreneur” in their bios, and are one of the more active swipers. That being said, they’re slow to respond to messages – which could be the secretive side of this sign. Their resentful and jealous sides come out in the fact that “Heartless” is the most frequently listed anthem on their profiles. Scorpio is most likely to match with Virgo.



The idealistic side of this sign is shown through the fact that they are among the least likely to swipe right (waiting for Mr/Mrs. Perfect?). But, once they do match with someone, their seductive and adventurous qualities come out, as they tend to send the first message. This sign is most likely to include the words “fun” or “spontaneous” in their bios and frequently match with Capricorn.



This disciplined and practical sign is most likely to put “hard-working” and “high key” in their profiles. Meanwhile, they’re the least likely to mention their astrological sign. Their persistence and ambition don’t quite come out on Tinder, as they tend to swipe the least of any sign. Interestingly, they’re the most likely to mention Area 51 in their bios. This sign matches most with Sagittarius.



The independent Aquarius doesn’t mind being alone. That could be why they are one of the signs that swipe right the least. A humanitarian sign, the Aquarius is most likely to have the words “volunteer” and “climate change” somewhere in their bios. Their original and analytical sides shine through in the fact that they often refer to themselves as “artists” and mention “museums” in their bios.



The overly-trusting and sometimes fearful Pisces is one of the slowest to respond to messages and one of the least likely to mention their sign in their profiles. This sing frequently calls out “The Box” from Roddy Ricch’s album, Please Excuse Me for Being Anti-Social, as a favorite song. Intuitive and musical, they’re the most likely to list “artist” as their profession. This sign is most likely to match with Aquarius.

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