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31 Days Of Sensuality

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In 31 days, Empress Varnado (@theeeempress) explores all things sex without physical penetration. Follow her as she reclaims and nurtures her most sensual self through fun, erotic, transformative and thoughtful daily reflections ( blogging and social media). The mission of this project to empower Black and Brown women to take a moment every day to simply enjoy learning new ways to live and love their beautiful bodies under their own agency.

I attended Naked in Motion’s Women and Trans monthly yoga class, in New York City (NYC) with an intention to shed judgment and critical self-talk about my body. I took a Naked Yoga class and it was liberating, to say the least. That moment when you move into a downward dog position and your titties hang in suspension is true freedom, sis! I do yoga really often and I’m developing a sacred practice for myself. Yoga reminds me that I won’t be in this body forever. It is my home, so I’d better take great care of it.

Naked Yoga

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In knowing all of this, I was still filled with anxiety at the thought of doing Naked Yoga. I even started this year off planning to be snatched for this “hot girl summer”, as the kids say, but that shit didn’t happen. Between my trashy eating habits and daily dose of Martini’s, I’ve actually gained weight. I haven’t been compassionate with myself at all! In fact, I’ve always wanted to do Naked Yoga, but for all the wrong reasons: clean lines, best arms and titties, and a flat stomach. So, when the opportunity to do a 30-Day Sensuality Challenge, presented itself, I hesitated. But, once I got to Naked in Motion, it was an effortless transition to feeling at ease. 

Naked Yoga

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Sasha, the instructor, immediately created a space of safety and comfort. Together, we all stripped down and leaned into the flow. I can’t lie-it all felt foreign at first. I began comparing myself to others, feeling the loudness of the weight gain. But, I championed in self-love as Sasha guided us through an activation of our Sacral Chakra. I found myself in Warrior 2, moving through Sutras, while appreciating the weight of my breasts, the feel of my pelvis against the mat, and the zig and zag of my love handles. I was grateful that I could actually feel what it felt like to be in my body. 

Naked Yoga

Source: Kay Hickman / Kay Hickman

So how is this sensual? Naked Yoga allows you to embrace the sensations of the poses in a way you can’t due to restrictions posed by sports bras and tights. You are, instead, invited to notice your inhibitions and find more trust, while healing your own self-image and letting go of the images others may hold of yours and the image you may hold of other bodies. Being this free is sexy as fuck! Get into it.


A Note From The Writer:

This year, I’ve decided to be celibate and totally cut myself off from all the f*ckboy’s in my life.  And in the process, I’ve cut myself off from my own pleasure #YIKES. This strike has honestly left me feeling less sensual and disconnected from my body. I recognized that sex gave me a sense of power, and I let social conditioning affect the way I thought about sex and sensuality. I cut myself off from my own pleasure thinking that sex/ sensuality can only transpire as physical penetration between two people.

So,I’m ready to reclaim my sensuality for myself. The definition of sensuality is the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses–and, a woman’s sensual self is her power source; It’s her connection to her creativity and its her divine right. So I’m challenging myself to connect , awaken, and embody pleasure through sight smell, taste, touch, smell, sound, and spirit -without penetration. Because the next time I get it in, I want it to be divine!

Join me each day as I unleash and enhance my erotic powers! I will explore everything from sensual healing to sensual movement. The next 30 days will be a journey of self love, self exploration and sensual divinity.

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