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trust your intuition meaning

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Our intuition is there for us, but sometimes, we don’t like what it has to say. Like many things in life that are good for us—vegetables, exercise, meditation—taking the time for them can feel like a pain in the *ss. But that doesn’t make them any less good for us. Our intuition, by the way, isn’t some form of magic. It isn’t some otherworldly thing made up of unforeseen forces. Your intuition is actually more scientific than that. It’s a compilation of experiences you’ve taken in throughout your life.


Now, your intuition can be a bit broken if you’ve had particularly painful situations. Sometimes, what feels like intuition is actually just a trigger—a feeling brought up from old pain and trauma. Naturally, if you haven’t worked through these things with a professional, your intuition might need some time in the shop aka on the therapist’s couch. But if you do feel that you are emotionally well, whole, and healed, then your intuition can be an incredible resource to you. When it kicks in, it’s bringing to the forefront wisdom that you had deep in your subconscious, that you may not have even known you had.


Our intuition rarely speaks up when we want it to though, right? Like it will start chiming in just when you meet a guy you think is so hot…but might be a not-so-great person. Damnit intuition! Do you need to speak now? But don’t get upset with your intuition. Ignoring it will probably just lead to problems down the line. You can do the easy thing now of turning away from it, but you’ll likely pay a high price tomorrow. In life, we do need to use a combination of tools to make decisions, and our intuition is a big one. Here are times we should trust our intuition more.


Before sharing something personal

It’s normal to want to share personal information with dates, boyfriends, friends, neighbors, and family members. We crave personal connection, and we can often get it by sharing secrets about ourselves. But remember that you can’t always trust people with personal information about you, as good as it can feel to share. If your intuition is suggesting you keep this to yourself, do so.

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