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trust your intuition meaning

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Our intuition is there for us, but sometimes, we don’t like what it has to say. Like many things in life that are good for us—vegetables, exercise, meditation—taking the time for them can feel like a pain in the *ss. But that doesn’t make them any less good for us. Our intuition, by the way, isn’t some form of magic. It isn’t some otherworldly thing made up of unforeseen forces. Your intuition is actually more scientific than that. It’s a compilation of experiences you’ve taken in throughout your life.


Now, your intuition can be a bit broken if you’ve had particularly painful situations. Sometimes, what feels like intuition is actually just a trigger—a feeling brought up from old pain and trauma. Naturally, if you haven’t worked through these things with a professional, your intuition might need some time in the shop aka on the therapist’s couch. But if you do feel that you are emotionally well, whole, and healed, then your intuition can be an incredible resource to you. When it kicks in, it’s bringing to the forefront wisdom that you had deep in your subconscious, that you may not have even known you had.


Our intuition rarely speaks up when we want it to though, right? Like it will start chiming in just when you meet a guy you think is so hot…but might be a not-so-great person. Damnit intuition! Do you need to speak now? But don’t get upset with your intuition. Ignoring it will probably just lead to problems down the line. You can do the easy thing now of turning away from it, but you’ll likely pay a high price tomorrow. In life, we do need to use a combination of tools to make decisions, and our intuition is a big one. Here are times we should trust our intuition more.


Before sharing something personal

It’s normal to want to share personal information with dates, boyfriends, friends, neighbors, and family members. We crave personal connection, and we can often get it by sharing secrets about ourselves. But remember that you can’t always trust people with personal information about you, as good as it can feel to share. If your intuition is suggesting you keep this to yourself, do so.


When our safety feels at risk

Any time your safety feels at risk, listen to your intuition. Whether it’s regarding walking down an alley, going home with a guy, or going with your friends on a yacht with some people you just met…if your intuition tells you to sit this one out, do it. Though at face value, these individuals may seem perfectly nice, your intuition may have picked up on subtle signals that say otherwise.


When you’re unhappy in a relationship

This is one of the biggest times your intuition helps you, and yet it’s a time people ignore their intuition so much. Everybody wants their relationships to work out. Nobody wants to be out there, dating, again. But this is one of the easiest times you can talk to your intuition directly. Just ask yourself, “Am I happy?” You know the answer. You know it.


Before accepting a favor from somebody

I don’t want to say that some people operate with a bit of a mafia mentality (“Maybe you can return the favor some day…”) but…some do. If someone ever offers to do something very generous for you, but you have a bad feeling about it, don’t accept the favor. And remember that it’s never a good idea to take a favor from anyone with whom you don’t want to be affiliated, as they likely will ask for something of you one day.


Before working with somebody

Whatever the size of a project—whether it’s a one-time project at your job or starting a business with someone from scratch—know that the people you work with reflect on you. And, sometimes, they could hold your career and financial health in their hands. Don’t commit to working with someone if your intuition is saying not to.


When selecting a roommate

It’s so important that your home feels like a home. You don’t want to return to a place where it feels that tensions are running high or you don’t feel comfortable simply walking into the kitchen. Go with your intuition when deciding whom to live with. Sometimes, that can mean not living with a friend, because you sense it can ruin the dynamic.


When agreeing on another date

You know if this can go somewhere. Well, more importantly, you know when it can’t. If you feel deep down that something is off with your date, or there is a conflict of personalities there that will cause problems later, just walk away. On the flipside, even if a date doesn’t check your superficial boxes for a partner, if your intuition tells you to see him again, listen.


Information around sexual health

I don’t even want to say you should go with your intuition on this one—you should go with the facts. You should see test results. You should speak to a doctor. But what I will say is, if the facts are blurred—as they can sometimes be with STDs—go with your intuition if you feel your health is at risk.


When you hear a promise

We all obviously wish that people would keep their promises. But the truth is that promises don’t mean the same to everyone. Some people just use them to get something, and have no plan on following through with their promise. Don’t take a promise at face value, just because you want it to be true. If your gut tells you it won’t be, don’t count on it.


Lending money

If you choose to lend money to a friend or family member one day, that is generous of you and that is your prerogative. However, if your intuition tells you that you’ll regret it for some reason, don’t do it. The sting of lending money to someone who disrespects that favor in some way is painful. Only give money to someone who you trust to fully respect the favor, and who you just want the best for.


Investing money

Investments obviously require research. Do not just go on your intuition. Not even close. Speak to a financial advisor. Read reports. Read the business plan. But then, when you’ve gathered all the facts, if the only real difference sending your money this way or that way is your intuition, tap into it. Sometimes, you just know in your gut if the world will show favor to your investment. You know if the business you’re investing in will be embraced, on an emotional level, by consumers.


When taking a job

Getting a job is not always simple. You may get a job that anyone would tell you should be your dream job—that people will say you should want. But for some reason, you have a bad feeling about it. Listen to your gut. You may just know you’ll be unhappy there, or that you won’t be pursuing your truth by working that job.


When large earnings are on the line

When large sums of money are on the line, it can be harder and harder to stay in touch with your intuition. It’s hard to listen to your intuition when it’s telling you to not do something that would yield you a wind flow of cash. But money isn’t everything, and if getting it forces you to compromise your values, your intuition will speak up because you wouldn’t be happy that way.


Making a big change for a partner

Moving in with him. Moving to another state for him. Moving to another country for him. Converting to a new religion for him. Getting married when you don’t feel ready. Having a child when you don’t feel ready. Don’t ignore your intuition during these times. It won’t let you make a big commitment to the wrong partner.


When speaking your needs

Don’t ever hesitate to speak your needs. Here’s the thing about speaking your needs: one of two things will happen, and both are good. 1) The person will do what he can to meet your needs or 2) The person will tell you he cannot or will not meet your needs. Though the latter can hurt now, it prevents pain later. Your intuition will urge you to speak up. Listen.

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