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Sex Is More Than Physical


Making love, screwing, banging, doing the horizontal mambo—it all means the same thing. Or does it?

You can tell a lot about a man’s feelings for you by what he calls the act of intercourse. But even if he seems to think the terms for sex are interchangeable, you can still tell a lot about the significance of the act in his mind by how he goes about it. If you’re trying to figure out if you’re just a friend with benefits or a soon-to-be girlfriend, here are signs that sex is more than just physical for your guy.

Sex Is More Than Physical

He kisses you on the head after sex

That kiss is purely for you: he gets nothing out of it. He knows it’s not going to turn you on, and it gives him no real “pleasure.” That is a kiss that comes from nothing but sweetness and care.

Sex Is More Than Physical

He gets upset when you get up too fast after

If you get up after sex to pee or get a glass of water, he whines sweetly, “Where are you going? Come back quickly…!He isn’t done with you just because the sex is done, which is a very good sign.

He holds your face when he kisses you

Ah, every woman’s fantasy: to have a man cup our face ever so gently with both of his hands, and kiss us lightly—even without tongue. Like the point about the forehead kiss, this isn’t foreplay; this is a blatant expression of affection.

He’ll have sex even when he knows he won’t climax

Either because he just climaxed ten minutes before, or he knows in his current headspace he won’t be able to orgasm, he still musters up the strength (and something else) to have sex because you want to and your pleasure is a priority to him.

Sex Is More Than Physical

He wants to make out for a long time

He isn’t in a rush to get to the finish line: he enjoys every moment of physical contact with you. This is a sign of a man trying establish true intimacy with you, which is also a sign he doesn’t just sleep with you for the pleasure of it. It’s about the connection.

Sex Is More Than Physical

He likes to touch you down there even when you’re not having sex

After sex, when you’re both satisfied, panting, exhausted and piled on top of one another, he still likes to run his hands over your womanly parts. He just likes having access to such an intimate part of you because it’s you.

Sex Is More Than Physical

He wants to do positions, just because they’re fun

He initiates certain positions that he knows don’t get him any closer to climaxing, but that he knows you enjoy, or that give him a great view of you. Take a look at this thread if you’re not convinced of how rare this is.

He likes to kiss a lot during sex

If a man has feelings for a woman, kissing her can bring him closer to climaxing faster. We’re sure you’ve heard some men and women think kissing is even more intimate than sex, so if he’s down to swap spit with you for an extended period of time, it suggests he’s establishing a bond.

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When he’s behind you, he keeps his face on your neck

When you’re in positions in which he’s behind you, he wants to keep his face on your neck or back. That’s because he wants your heads close together whenever possible, which shows a mental connection.

Sex Is More Than Physical

When he can tell you’re not in the mood, he doesn’t bug you

When he knows all you want to do is pass out, he gets into a cozy cuddle position with you and lets you fall asleep, not pestering you for sex. If your partner can’t be in your presence without needing to press you, then he might just be in it for the pleasure.

Sex Is More Than Physical

He plays with your hair/ears after sex

He just finds every part of you so adorable that he still pays you attention after sex. Playing with your hair or ears is completely non-sexual—it’s just sweet and that suggests he’s really into you.

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He likes to watch you when you’re enjoying yourself

When something is feeling really good for you or you’re in the middle of an orgasm, you peek up (or down, or behind you) and notice he is staring intently at your face, taking in every twitch of your facial muscles. He gets joy out of your joy.

Sex Is More Than Physical

He makes eye contact often

Eye contact with a woman a man has no feelings with freaks him out during sex. But, like a kiss, eye contact with a woman a man cares about can bring him closer to orgasm, faster. He wants to connect with you not just get off.

Sex Is More Than Physical

When he’s not in the mood, he still wants to touch you

Even when he has zero desire to do anything sexual, he still wants to cuddle you or just lay in bed with you, playing with your hands. That’s connection and that’s a type of pleasure deeper than an orgasm.

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